10 Slip-On Shoes That'll Rival Your Sneakers & Boots This Fall

Hand-free footwear.

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When you’re loathe to give up summer sandals, but aren't quite ready for heavy boots, slip-on shoes are a smart way to bridge the gap between the two. And while consumers have coveted the perpetually sold-out Ugg Ultra Mini Boots and Tazz Slippers, as well as Birkenstock Boston clogs, for the last few seasons, I’m hear to tell you there are plenty of alternatives out there that are well worth considering. The right slip-on, after all, can be styled for a variety of occasions — from running to pick up sushi to going to grabbing martinis and apps with friends — and has the comfort factor of your favorite house shoes.

Speaking of grabbing food on the go, an image of Bella Hadid went viral back in September 2022 of the model getting pizza in NYC dressed in platform Uggs, boxer shorts, and a moto-style leather jacket. She’s not the only Hadid that loves the no-fuss design; her sister Gigi is often spotted out in her Ugg Tazz Slippers, pairing them with jeans and sweatpants alike. Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, offers a more elevated way of wearing her black buckled slides by highlighting the hardware with understated separates; in her case, straight-leg jeans and a simple cropped tee.

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No matter how classic or maximalist your personal style skews, there’s a hands-free design that’ll perfectly fit into your wardrobe. After scrolling my favorite slip-on options for fall — all compiled below for your shopping convenience — there’s only one question you’ll ask yourself: socks or no socks?