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PH5’s Hyaluronic Acid-Infused Pajamas Actually Made My Skin Glow

I’m obsessed.

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A random fact about me: I rarely ever sleep in anything other than a tee and gym shorts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of a cute PJ set — but, I’ve never found one that’s comfier than my trusty sleep uniform (see: the waist is too tight, material too heavy, plus, I can’t stand sleeping in a long sleeve shirt). However, I’ll gladly make an exception for PH5’s new hyaluronic acid-infused sleepwear— aka, the most comfortable pajamas ever made (IMO). As the name suggests, the brand’s first foray into the sleep category, available as of October 1, comes with skincare benefits. Allow me to explain.

If you’re a beauty fanatic, you’re likely very familiar with all the wonders of hyaluronic acid. In short, the ingredient holds 1,000 times its weight in water — leaving your skin looking plump, glowy, and radiant. So, how on earth does the beloved ingredient work in clothing? Well, Wei Lin, founder of PH5, tells TZR, “the hyaluronic acid microcapsules are infused into the pores of the Eco-Vero viscose yarn, they then transfer to the skin once it makes contact with the fabric.” She adds, “the hyaluronic acid molecules form a water-containing film that plays a role in blocking pollution and locking in moisture in your skin.” The end goal: Soft, hydrated skin courtesy of the world’s first-ever (!) HydraKNIT technology.

I currently have the Ginger HydraKNIT Ecovero Tank Top and Pepper HydraKNIT Ecovero Legging, pictured below (in addition, the new line offers up a polo, long sleeve top, and shorts), and since I received the pajamas at the beginning of September, I’ve worn them a few times a week. After just one night, I found my somewhat dry skin to be so much softer, not to mention, the irritation (and red small bumps) I occasionally get from shaving to be much less noticeable. Read: If your skin is especially susceptible to dehydration, you’ll want to nab these hyaluronic acid-infused pajamas to help with dryness.

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One of the main reasons I don’t sleep in a traditional PJ set is because I find most to be too heavy, which results in me waking up at 2 a.m., sweating, and needing to change. But, that’s far from the case with PH5’s set. In fact, I actually feel rather cool with these on throughout the night — even when I was wearing them on hot September evenings. I also love that the set comes with a HydraKNIT Ecovero Eye Mask especially when my neighbors across from me randomly decide to turn on their lights at 3 a.m.

Zoe Champion, knitwear designer at PH5, likes to alternate nights wearing the brand’s HydraKNIT styles and her regular pajamas as a way to extend their life. (According to the product description, the benefits from the lab-tested fabric are good for 40 washes.) She personally feels the benefits from these PJs after just one night of wear, which I can attest to. “Lucky for me it was winter here in Sydney when we were in the testing phase, so I was wearing the knits every night to give my skin better protection from the dry air during the day,” she tells TZR. And with winter on the horizon here in the United States, I know I’ll be relying on these hyaluronic acid-infused pajamas to keep my skin nice and soft during the frigid months.

While New York-based PH5 is best known for its unique ready-to-wear knits — you’ve probably seen its signature Beatrix Wavy Crop Tank Top and Casey Wavy Mini Skirt on your IG feed — it approaches other categories with the same attention to design. The pajamas are cute enough that I’ve worn the powder blue top to the grocery store and walking my dog around the block. Slightly pushing it? Perhaps. But, these days the lines between sleepwear and outdoor clothing are slightly blurred. And, Lin agrees, explaining, “after living a year in pajamas or clothes that could pass for pajamas, we realized that even once we were out and about again we still would want the comfort of pajamas.” On top of that, a few attendees at fashion month co-signed this theory as they arrived in chic PJs to the shows.

It might be the brand’s first foray into sleepwear, but this certainly isn’t the first rodeo when it comes to innovative knitwear. Case in point: PH5’s moisture-wicking activewear line. Crafted with zero-waste knitting and recycled yarn, Lin herself tested the products while she was training for a marathon. This definitely won’t be the last inventive launch from the label.

Sold on these new, one-of-a-kind pajamas? Below, shop the set I’ve been loving over the past month. You’ll sleep better than ever and wake up with softer skin — I promise.

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