The Best Outerwear Trends Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing This Season

Get ready for candy-colored faux fur and unexpected patterns.

by Samantha Costantino
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The perfect weather of PSL season is long gone and in its place are the chilly days of winter. But don’t worry: To help aid in making the coldest months as comfortable — and chic — as possible, I’ve tapped into my stylist prowess to bring you the women’s outerwear trends you’re set to see this winter.

The key to curating an incredible outerwear collection is variety — and these emerging trends have plenty of that: A quilted puffer is ideal for daily errands and functionality, while a gorgeous bright blue trench is the perfect choice for a special dinner you’ve had marked on the calendar for weeks. But, hey, if you fancy wearing your faux fur to the bodega, you have my full support. After all, if you’re anything like me and for the most part dread the cold, dark days of winter, at least this extra layer we add to our ensembles provides a whole new opportunity to dress up.

Ready to shop these up-and-coming women’s outerwear trends? Scroll below to see how all the fashion girls are upgrading their coat collections this winter.

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Outerwear Trend #1: A Pop Of Color

In a sea of NYC’s all-black uniform, a pop of color always serves as a head turning moment. The perfect addition to a night out or simply whenever you want to brighten up a dreary day, these options will have you covered (quite literally). Grab your favorite hue and head out the door.

Outerwear Trend #2: Animal Print

Animal print has been crawling all over shoes this fall, and it’s set to take over outerwear as well in the coming months. From classic leopard to outrageous python, these coats will appeal to your inner wild side.

Outerwear Trend #3: Candy-Colored Faux Fur

Somewhat of a spin-off of the brightly hued outerwear trend, this one focuses on both color and fabric. The look is all about faux fur that looks, well, faux with candy-colored pieces that are undeniably fun and unique.

Outerwear Trend #4: Quilted & Cozy

Dressing for the winter months is about more than staying stylish — it’s about staying warm! Available in long and short styles and in every color imaginable, both your temperature needs and style aesthetic will be met no matter your personal preference with these cozy, quilted pieces.

Outerwear Trend #5: Printed Patterns

For those who love to throw a dash of the unexpected into their style, these trending printed pieces are everything. From plaid to abstract to florals, these outwear pieces put a fun twist on day-to-day style. Plus, with the freedom to dress them up or down, you’ll be surprised with just how much wear you’ll get out of them throughout the season.

Outerwear Trend #6: Flower Power

The trees may be barren, but your coat will have you at least dreaming of spring. These trendy coats are positively blooming with flower power. And in the dark days of winter, the unexpected floral patterns are like wearing pure sunshine.

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