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No Summer Wardrobe Is Complete Without A Few Pairs Of Mule Sandals

Best of both worlds.

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Mule sandals
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Summer is oppressively hot and infuriating enough as it is — I’m in the majority when I say I want all of my clothing, accessories, and shoes to be as loose, easygoing, and un-restrictive as possible, right? Sandals seem like the obvious footwear choice for most occasions, but they can often feel either a little too casual or overly complicated, laden down with straps, buckles, laces, and ties. For that very reason, I personally horde mule sandals of all sorts, the perfect happy medium between a more elaborate footwear option and a decidedly comfortable style.

Defined as a shoe without a back — be it made of a thicker material or even a simpler, thinner strap — that still features plenty of coverage across the top, mules make it easy to look and feel dressy without sacrificing all-critical comfort. Add a tiny heel to the shoe and you can take them into virtually any venue or situation. The ones I’ve been particularly into lately usually feature a fun color combination or an interesting, summery weave or detailing. I may be something of a summertime Scrooge, but who can resist the allure of a tropical-colored shoe?

Below, scroll through the mule-style sandals I’m eyeing to carry me through the rest of the summer season.