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This Delicate Necklace Is The Most Thoughtful Gift To Give Your BFF

Your friends deserves the best.

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If holiday shopping for your bestie left you longing for simpler childhood days, when you could just split up a heart-shaped “best friends” necklaces then, well... same. To give a gift as an adult is much more difficult considering everyone in your circle has acquired very specific style preferences. However, it can be quite easy to buy meaningful jewelry gifts for friends — you just need to keep two thoughts in mind while shopping. First, when in doubt, strive for sentimentality or a personal touch, like a piece that references a fond memory the two of you share or an item in your friend’s favorite color. Second, keep in mind your pal’s favorite metal tone because it’s a crucial component of jewelry gift-giving.

For instance, if you notice they never take off their gold rings or gilded pendant, seek out aureate pieces that harmonize well with warm colors. Alternatively, for fans of silver, try to snag cool-toned styles that’ll complement their go-tos. It’s simple, really: Buy them jewelry that will work within their current collection, and you can’t fail. And if you’re still in doubt? Opt for a timeless and understated that’ll translate to almost any wardrobe.

Ahead, shop jewelry gift ideas that are as thoughtful as they are pretty.

Pearl Choker
A pearl necklace is a staple piece for powerful women, including Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, and Kamala Harris — all of whom are fans if the symbolic stone. Grab this one for your pal who effortless commands any room.

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