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Maxi Dresses Don’t Have To Be Boho – I’m Wearing These Sleek Styles This Spring

Throw on and go.

maxi dresses
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It’s true what they say: be careful what you wish for. Throughout the winter, I longed for warmer, sunnier days, but now that the temperatures in New York have hit above 60 degrees, I’ve somehow forgotten how to put together a springtime outfit. Tired of my blazer and jeans or lightweight cardigan and trousers combos, I want to embrace the season without the stress of figuring out what pieces to pair together. Enter maxi dresses, a one-and-done look that offers enough coverage for spring’s unpredictable crisp mornings, but breezy enough for balmy afternoons. Perhaps the biggest draw of this dress length is that my bare skin won’t touch the subway seats on my commute to the office.

While maxi dresses aren’t a new silhouette, I’ve often steered clear from them because most options typically lean boho, which doesn’t work with my personal style. But as the weather forecasts get warmer by the week, I need to add some more seasonally-appropriate pieces into my closet. So I’ve scoured the internet for maxi dress options that are sleek, minimal, and in line with current fashion trends.

Ahead, the dresses I plan on adding to my cart to help me get through spring and beyond.