How 5 Fashion Girls Approach Pregnancy Style

From body-hugging dresses to stretchy swimwear.

Maternity staples
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Though wonderful, pregnancy warrants a handful of lifestyle changes: No sushi or alcohol, limited caffeine consumption, incorporating prenatal vitamins into your regimen, and so on. But nowadays, fully updating your wardrobe needn’t be one of these listed restrictions. Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, who no doubt rewrote the rules of maternity style with her sultry bump-baring crop tops and full leather looks, it’s never been easier to stay true to your fashion sense. This can even mean wearing what’s already hanging in your closet while continuing to shop from your favorite labels on the market (read: no need to head over to maternity-specific aisles).

Fashion insiders couldn’t agree more with this mindset. “I was committed to buying the least amount of maternity wear possible,” notes influencer and brand consultant Gabriela Mannix, who just gave birth this month. “I hated the idea of buying things with such a limited lifespan, and I wanted to make my closet work for me as much as possible.” This begs the question: What are style-minded folks turning to during pregnancy? To get to the bottom of it, TZR spoke to five industry tastemakers, ranging from brand founders to models to content creators, to hear what maternity staples they swear by. Should you also be expecting, consider scooping up one (or a few) of their product recommendations.

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas, the brainchild of French label Rouje, is currently expecting her second child. “I started to wear sneakers, something I've never really done before, and also bigger handbags,” she tells TZR about this time around, adding that she incorporated these aforementioned pieces to Rouje’s product assortment. As for her clothing, Damas says she didn’t stray far from her everyday wardrobe essentials, such as leggings and oversized tops. “A knitwear dress is also something I love wearing, particularly our Gabin dress,” she adds.

Tezza Barton

Los Angeles-based content creator Tezza Barton says while she’s not normally one to flock to form-fitting pieces that highlight her curves, that’s a different story during pregnancy. “The bump and watching your body grow is the most beautiful thing to experience,” she explains. “I enjoy showing it off and wearing things that emphasize its beauty and remind me of the life growing inside of me.” The looks in question? First up is an oversized button-up, which she often steals from her husband’s closet. A bodycon dress, [like the style pictured from Lioness], is also a go-to, as it’s easy to pair with a blazer or sweater around the shoulders. “[I also love] a maxi skirt, preferably a jersey knit, because it will fit throughout the different stages of pregnancy!”

Coral Kwayie

London-based model Coral Kwayie, who welcomed her bundle of joy this month, lived in Hunza G’s signature stretchy swimwear during her pregnancy. “I loved that they’re one-size-fits-all, so they’re good for during and after pregnancy.” SPLITS59’s workout tanks were a wardrobe mainstay, too, as they gave her belly support as it started to get bigger. And much like Barton, Kwayie borrowed her husband’s clothing, including his shorts, jeans, and tees. “I found a lot of the maternity wear didn’t reflect my style, so his wardrobe was more fun.”

Gabriela Mannix

Though Mannix just gave birth, she’s surely holding onto her maternity staples for the long haul. “As I began waking up more and more in the middle of the night, I began scouring vintage pieces [when I couldn’t sleep], which led to some very exciting purchases like an animal print Phoebe Philo era Celine coat. She adds, “Dresses, in general, were a lifesaver as my bump grew and my stamina dwindled.” Mannix’s preferred style was a smocked silhouette, namely from RHODE and Merlette. “They were more comfortable than other elastic waists as I grew in size, and they gave me a more fitted silhouette, which I liked when I was feeling swollen.” And whenever her outfits needed a pick-me-up, statement necklaces came to the rescue.

Simone Noa

Scandi influencer Simone Noa decided to nix traditional maternity clothing and instead stick to the flowy pieces in her wardrobe. “My pants started to get a bit tight over time, but since I own a lot of pajama-like bottoms, I’ve been wearing those with elastic waistbands, so they feel comfortable around my belly throughout the day,” she notes. For the top half of her outfits, Noa leans towards outsized button-downs. “I’ve especially loved my shirts from Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Rue de Tokyo, and IT’S A SHIRT, all of which are in poplin or a soft cotton fabric.” Last but not least? A loose-fit blazer to top everything off. “You can wear them with loose pants and leave them slightly open to show the belly, or style them with a top or shirt underneath.”