How Team Zoe Lives In Style

Our office is beyond excited about the highly anticipated release of Rachel Zoe’s new book, Living In Style. Inspired by the pages of the book, Team Zoe has put together our most glam personal photos that reflect stylish living from our point-of-view. From wedding flowers, to shoe closets, to vacation sunsets, Team Zoe shares a killer collection of images that define glamour.

What glamorous destination or space inspires your everyday life? Share with us on Instagram and be sure to use the hashtag #LivingInStyle because you never know who might ‘like’ your photo (it could be RZ herself)!

Living In Style

Rachel Zoe's covetable collection of change trays is one of the photos that The Zoe Report is exclusively revealing from her new book, Living In Style.

Availability: Living In Style , $25 (out on March 25th, available for pre-order now)

Al Fresco Dining

"Caprese thrown together with ingredients from our friend's garden in Laguna with a Bandol Rose."

Tom Balamaci, General Manager

Dreamy Decks

"A weekend at my parents on Little Balboa Island always includes wine, cheese and a view."

Tyler Piluzza, Content Manager

Chic Wedding Details

"Mindy Weiss and Mark's Garden created the most beautiful floral designs at my wedding. Everything was white with green accents and lots of different candles and outdoor chandeliers - it was perfect."

Mandana Dayani, Vice President, Rachel Zoe Inc.

Pristine Beaches

“The North Shore of Kauai has the most beautiful beaches in the world - you can see rainbows, mountains and waterfalls while you're swimming in the sea.”

Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor

Manicured Fairways

"There's a reason Pebble Beach is the most famous golf course in the US."

Rodger Berman, President of Rachel Zoe Inc., CEO of Zoe Media Group

Dreamy Colors

"I love this deep teal and decided to paint it on one wall for a pop of color. Dark blue evokes deep calm and serenity so it's perfect for the bedroom."

Andrea Sexton, Digital Sales Director

Hidden Gems

"There are a few Malibu beaches under the radar that I like visiting because they don't get too crowded, and this is one of them! The best time to go is at sunset, it's so pretty."

Jennifer Ash, Editorial Assistant

Spectacular Lighting

"I love the gorgeous pearl chandelier at Beauty & Essex which is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC."

Julie Jakoubek, Digital Sales Director

Retro Kitchen

"I love spending time in my kitchen more than anywhere else in my home. It has a cheery, retro feel that puts me in a good mood every morning when I'm making espresso."

Jaclyn Decell, Community Manager

Backyard Haven

"My backyard provides me with serenity everytime I go out there to play backgammon with friends, float in the pool or play with my dogs."

Ron Troxell, West Coast Advertising Director

Cozy Quarters

"To me, our home is as warm as the roaring fireplace and as colorful as the fresh flowers that adorn it."

Scott Riddell, Digital Director

Smooth Sailing

“This picture was taken from a boat leaving the beautiful island of Hvar Town in Croatia, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world."

Sarah Aguas, Brand Integration Director

Glam Nursery

"For my daughter's nursery, I wanted the room to feel playful and feminine without being too frilly (or too pink!) and still reflecting the style of the rest of our home. I kept the palette neutral and white with pops of bright colors."

Marisa Runyon, Director of Brand Partnerships

Tasty Treats

"Sweet treats from my bridal shower! Couldn't resist the pretty pastel macarons from Lette."

Nicole Cottral, Account Manager

Living Room Staples

"A mix of vintage, textured neutrals, fresh flowers and of course a great fashion book are staples for my living room."

Morgan Mack, Executive Assistant to Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

Shoe Addict

"They may only go on my feet but these shoes are my prized possessions. My shoe rack holds the holy grail in my home."Alyssa Sutter, Assistant Stylist

Dream Pool

"One of my absolute favorite places to go for a breather is The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast. It's such a relaxing oasis and gives me such piece of mind when things get crazy."

Mel Chalian, Executive Assistant

Room With A View

"The bar at The Top of the Standard in NYC is a work of art and I wish I could steal every single piece of furniture."

Christian David, Graphic Designer

Parisian Style

"There is nothing more inspiring than taking a long walk on a warm night in Paris. This city has so much style and charm, it'll take your breath away."

Megan Gustashaw, Editorial Director

Picture Perfect

"This display is easily my favorite part of where I live. I have a dangerous coffee table book obsession. I love being able to display them places that are a bit more unexpected."

Jordan Silver, Marketing Manager

Happy Hour

"Sunset cocktails at Soho Beach House in Miami is the end to a perfect day - it doesn't get much better than this!"

Pamela Glassman, Director of Business Development

Simple Pleasures

"Blood orange and strawberry cocktails + rooftop sunsets in downtown LA = my happy place on a Saturday afternoon."

Lauren Blakeley, Product Development Manager