What Defines French Style According To This Parisian Street Style Instagram Founder

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Parisiens in Paris on Instagram
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Thanks to Instagram, you don’t even need to leave your apartment anymore to see what trendy looks are outside on the streets. Case in point: No matter where you live, if you’re inspired by New York, you can probably rely on a handful of the city’s influencers for a daily dose of outfit inspiration. And, if you revere everything about Parisian fashion, your friends have likely sent you a post by @parisiensinparis — a street style account that has garnered a cool 300K followers in just a little over two years. Lucky for you: TZR spoke with the anonymous founder of the account and got the low-down on what defines Parisian style and French fashion as a whole.

During past Paris Fashion Weeks, the anonymous figure found herself mesmerized by all the show-goers dressed perfectly from head to toe. And every day on the streets of the city, in the metro, and in the parks, she met strangers that inspired her. “I wanted to pay tribute to people for whom fashion is not necessarily their profession, to show that the Parisian style really exists naturally,” she tells TZR about why she created the Instagram account.

The photos she decides to post on the account are very spontaneous. “I like that the looks are not too worked on, not too fussy, I like the everyday looks,” she notes. “It is very rare that I take a picture of a woman in high heels, who does not represent the 'working girl' that we know in 2021.” In fact, the photos are far from professional, and even a bit blurry as they are quickly captured by fellow walkers on the go who share images for @parisiensinparis to post. And if you scroll through the page, you’ll notice that the majority of ensembles are ones that can easily be recreated easily, no matter where you live.

Below, read where to spot the best looks, what trends the IG expert is seeing on the streets of France, as well as what the capsule wardrobe entails. Now you can start piecing together Parisian-like looks too, even if you’ve never been to the city.

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Parisian Style: Where To Spot The Best Fashion

Just as the style in the West Village and Williamsburg are very different in NYC, the same goes for the neighborhoods in Paris. “Each arrondissement has its own style,” she explains of the city's numbered districts. “I think they all have their charm, but [the] 6th is the [one with] very Parisian women,” she says of the St. Germain neighborhood. Meanwhile, the Marais is “a little more colorful,” and she adds that the 16th is full of stylish older women, while the 10th is a little more creative and quirky. And as it turns out, it’s not just those in France following the account comparing style across the city — people across the globe want to learn more about Parisian style. “The audience is only 9% French,” she tells TZR. “[Then] 17% is United States, 16% in Italy, 5% Spain, 5% Russia!”

Parisian Style: Current Trends

Just take a quick gander at the Paris Fashion Week street style season after season and you’ll spot how the residents of the city mix current trends with classic style. Currently, the Instagram creator says that Dr. Martens and other chunky, oversized Bottega Veneta-inspired footwear is particularly popular. “I also see a lot of berets and Gavroche [caps] at the moment, which doesn't look cliché because the rest of the style is simple,” she says. But unlike other fashion month cities like New York and Milan, you won’t find tons of overly trendy pieces or loud prints in France. “We're more about monochrome and not too crazy about bright colors,” the Parisian adds.

Parisian Style: Capsule Wardrobe

While Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world, the sense of style spotted in the City of Light isn’t over-the-top by any means. In fact, according to the IG founder, Parisians are very basic when it comes to style — but, that's exactly what makes them so chic. “A blazer, a simple color tee a pair of jeans, and a pair of Converse or little boots, and they're done,” she explains of what makes up an outfit that catches her eye. “It's easy, but can also be worn going out if you add lipstick and a pair of earrings. It's all about accessorizing a simple outfit.” And, she says residents tend to flock towards brands like Levi’s, Acne Studios, Petit Bateau, and Molli.

When it comes to classic staples in the French woman’s wardrobe, a good trench coat and a nice handbag top the list. “In Paris, the simpler, the better,” the creator says. “Discretion is a form of distinction.”

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