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These High-Waisted Leggings Don't Fall Down When I Workout

I swear by them.

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Noli Yoga
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Over the years, I’ve learned that the most flattering type of pants for my figure is a higher rise style. (I have a long torso and this particular cut balances my proportions just right.) I’ve since pledged my loyalty to the fit, filling my closet with bottoms in my preferred silhouette. But I have a fondness for high-waisted workout leggings in particular. They’re comfortable — the waistband offers a necessary stretch that my rigid denim does not — and they pair well with both my fitness sports bras and pullover sweatshirts.

Moreover, the extra coverage makes me feel a little less naked in my workout classes. Most of the waistbands go up to, or over, my belly button (I don’t know why, but having this part of my body covered makes me feel safe and cozy in a room full of strangers!). I will admit though, that one tiny caveat to wearing high-waisted leggings is that sometimes the band slides down during my more intense workouts, like when I do high knee exercises, so I’ll have to readjust.

Through trial and error, however, I have found several brands that make high-waisted leggings that actually stay up, no matter what workout I’m engaged in. Plus, they’re all super comfortable whether I’m wearing them to pilates class or at my desk while working from home. I’m sharing my findings ahead, just in case you’re on the hunt for that perfect pair yourself.

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