Flatform Sandals Are Sure To Amp Up Every Summer Outfit

A step above the rest.

Courtesy Of Loeffler Randall
Flatform sandals
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Now that summer is drawing near, your Google Calendar is likely filling up with one event after the next. You’re already planning for a friend’s local wedding the first Saturday in June, as well as the weekend your family is visiting in mid-July. Suffice it to say, you’ll need to arm yourself with foolproof outfits — and feel-good shoes to see you through long nights. When the vibe for said outings is elevated but not overly so, look no further than the flatform. Cute, practical, and comfortable — the cushy, thick silhouette checks all the boxes.

Per usual, luxury designers are responsible for reviving the look, which ebbs and flows in the trend circuit. During the Spring/Summer 2024 season, the runways offered an influx of flatforms, ranging from off-kilter versions to wear-with-anything pairs. Collina Strada, for one, opted for the former category with its outlandish tie-dye, lace-up creations in collaboration with footwear powerhouse UGG. Aknvas also went the maximalist route, showcasing overly chunky flatforms festooned with XXL floral embellishments. If these two iterations are a tad too extreme for your taste, not to worry: Gabriela Hearst debuted a streamlined slide-on style (complete with cream and metallic gold straps) alongside a pared-back tailored suit.

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Contemporary brands, such as Loeffler Randall, are co-signing the silhouette as well. “They give such a nice height boost while still being comfortable,” the label’s founder and creative director Jessie Randall tells TZR. To wit, the brand saw such great success with its Theo sandal that it sold out immediately. (But as luck would have it, they’re restocking the sought-after shoe this week.)

And the appeal makes sense, as a flatform is decidedly a footwear chameleon. “They’re particularly flattering with a classic short suit for a quiet luxury moment or paired with a dress for a low-key, casual look,” editorial stylist Djuna Bel explains. However, if you’re drawn to sporty style, they’d look great with gym shorts and a tee, too.

So, if you’re sold on flatforms, keep scrolling to find 10 TZR-approved pairs. Summer can’t come soon enough.