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The Simple Fashion Resolution I’m Sticking To In 2022

The rules are set.

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The final weeks of the year are never relaxing for me. Scrambling to get through my work, flying across the country to celebrate the holidays, squeezing in my birthday, and trying to set myself up for the new year — I often get to Jan. 1 and find nothing less appealing than the idea of rigidly setting myself a list of things to accomplish. I’d rather set a goal to be a bit easier on myself. All that being said, 2022 still marks a time for a new set of fashion resolutions — an evaluation of how my life, and the ways that clothes relate to all of that, have changed.

If 2020 was my year of comfort first — sweatpants and slippers, loose silhouettes, and athleisure — 2021 was the year I wanted to feel hot again. Like so many others exploring cut-outs, short hemlines, and party fashions once again, I was craving a chance to make up for lost time and to celebrate the fact that I could, well, celebrate again. But my sweeping sartorial pendulum — from couch clothes to club clothes — created a weird mash-up of options in my closet, and with it a dual identity when I left the house. If the real me sat somewhere in between a homebody and the life of the party, why did my clothes all suggest otherwise?

Entering 2022, I’m striving to achieve a new harmony with what I wear — to acknowledge both practicality and the emotion tied to how I get dressed, and settle into a happy medium. Ahead, I’m unpacking a few of the changes I’m making in the month ahead.

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Embrace The Everyday Heel Again

Even as I’ve taken to going-out fashion, one category that’s stayed quite casual is in my footwear choices. I’ve avoided having to slide into heels again, mostly because as a New York commuter, sneakers and flat boots make navigating stairs and streets much easier. But, having now broken out my favorite ankle boots a few times I’ve realized that everyday heels are comfier than I remember. It’s time to prioritize them again.

Invest In Day Dresses

When I work from home it’s all too easy to spend the whole day in my sweats, but hitting the 2 p.m. slump finding myself still in pseudo-sleepwear tends to do a number on my energy levels. Enter the power of the daytime dress: it’s not full-on party-wear, but I can easily dance around the house and run errands feeling like I made an effort all for me.

Upgrade My Athleisure

As someone who loves getting outside, athleisure is always going to be a core part of my wardrobe, even if I want to dress things up a bit. So, taking my sporty pieces up a notch from casual to cool is an easy way to blend the high and low. My go-to: design forward sportswear from emerging brands or bold options from my favorite classic labels.

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