Fashion Insiders Have These Exact Items On Their Mother's Day Wishlist

Because she deserves the world.

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All your mom really wants is to hear your voice over the phone and the chance to give you a big hug (or well, an air hug in the time of coronavirus) every time she gets the chance to see you. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t shower her with presents on Mother’s Day to show your appreciation of everything she does for you. This year, if your gift-giving goal is to upgrade her wardrobe, you’ll want to hear what fashion insiders have on their Mother’s Day wishlists. Spoiler: You might be tempted to buy these luxe items for yourself, too.

To help steer you in the right direction, TZR spoke with women across the industry to see what they have their eyes on this year. From Shopbop’s Fashion Director to the founder of McMullen Boutique, finding the latest and greatest designer items is their job — so rest assured, you’re certainly in good hands. While you’re in the midst of shopping, you’ll want to think about what the mother figure in your life needs in terms of updating her closet and home. For instance, if she’s eager to replace some of her old jewelry pieces with fresh new ones, surprise her with a few luxe jewels to add to her collection. And, if she’s been talking about sprucing up her space, you can’t go wrong with gifting her home decor.

Ahead, find all the pieces that six fashion insiders have on their wishlists. And, get ready to blow your mom, sister, friend, or any other mother figure away.

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Fashion Insiders’ Mother’s Day Wishlist: Aya Kanai

“I am making an attempt to get back into running,” Aya Kanai, head of creator partnerships at Pinterest, tells TZR. “Back when I used to run consistently, the best benefits were the mental clarity and sense of accomplishment in addition to feeling strong!” Thus, Kanai says she would love new sneakers, particularly from Nike, to get her running mojo back. Whether your mom is also into running or likes to do other workouts like bike riding or weight lifting, a new pair of sneakers will certainly be put to good use. “For daily errands, a belt bag [is] my go-to accessory,” Kanai adds. Currently, she’s eager for Cara Sport’s Sling bag in neon Fuschia.

Beauty products are also on her wishlist, and Kanai says she’s officially become a convert to vitamin C serum. “I have always known that skin care is important, but this past year I [was] introduced [to] a few new products. I particularly love the one from BeautyCounter.”

Fashion Insiders’ Mother’s Day Wishlist: Sherri McMullen

“We [at McMullen] are doing a really cool exclusive capsule with four of our jewelry designers — Lizzie Fortunato, Khiry, Third Crown, and Harwell Godfrey,” Sherri McMullen, founder of McMullen Boutique in Oakland, California, tells TZR. The fashion insider says it’s a jewelry capsule that’s focused on pearls. “And it’s really a way to commemorate our Vice President Harris, who is a lover of pearls, but it’s also a moment to honor her first 100 days in office and the work that she’s doing.” This upcoming collection, which is launching right before Mother’s Day, will definitely be on McMullen’s list.

Additionally, she’s eager for one of Nigerian fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo’s gorgeous pajama sets. “You can actually wear [them] as a short set outside of your home as well, it’s just beautiful,” she explains. “It’s made in Nigeria, and it’s all hand-dyed and produced in Lagos by female artisans.” Yes, every mother could use a pair of funky pajamas in their life.

Fashion Insiders’ Mother’s Day Wishlist: Marina Larroude

Courtesy Of Marina Larroude

This year, Marina Larroude, founder of footwear brand Larroudé, would love a custom tie-dye sweater from Lingua Franca, with a sentence made by her kids. “That would be so special,” she tells TZR. If your mom also loves wearing pieces that remind her of you and your siblings, this is the gift to go with. Add a sentence of an inside joke between your family, or a special saying.

On top of the sweatshirt, the New Yorker says, “I adore flowers and would be thrilled if my husband surprises me with an arrangement from The Pop Up Florist.” Aside from fashion items, Larroude adds, “I wouldn’t mind if they surprised me with breakfast in bed, with fresh pancakes made by my daughter Gloria.” Read: Take notes and surprise your mom with a delicious meal, too.

Fashion Insiders’ Mother’s Day Wishlist: Brandice Daniel

Brandice Daniel, founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, has a wishlist that’s too good to miss. “A day at the spa, a Heron Preston bag, the Layana Hoops from Khiry, and the full Lemlem x H&M collection by Liya Kebede, that would be fantastic,” she tells TZR about the items she’d love to receive.

And, if she had to narrow it down to one category, it would be clothing. “I don't know why I want so many [clothes], I think because we haven't been anywhere and I've only worn sweats for the last year so I am very much excited about clothes again.” Note: When you’re shopping for clothing for your mom, make sure you keep her personal style in mind.

Fashion Insiders’ Mother’s Day Wishlist: Caroline Maguire

Caroline Maguire, Shopbop’s Fashion Director, is currently crushing on “candy-coated” fine jewelry. “We are seeing beautiful and bold colors in stones and enamels this season, across rings, bracelets, and earrings,” she tells TZR. “I love that candy-coated pieces are both a colorful accessory as well as a perfect conversation starter, [I’ll] definitely will be adding one of these to my personal collection!”

And with all the time she’s spending at home, Maguire is looking for ways to upgrade different areas of her place. “Any home goods or interior decor that will freshen up my space would be a perfect gift for me this Mother’s Day!” If she’s into flowers, put her favorite kind in a vase for her. And if she’s a foodie, consider colorful chopsticks (which made Maguire’s list this year).

Fashion Insiders’ Mother’s Day Wishlist: Brittany Xavier

Courtesy Of Brittany Xavier

Brittany Xavier, a digital content creator located in Los Angeles, always looks forward to sentimental gifts, especially for Mother’s Day because she’ll treasure them for years to come. “Because I love sentimental gifts, I go towards jewelry [items] because they’re timeless and are small enough to keep as mementos throughout the years,” she tells TZR. “I have rings stacked on my wedding band finger as each one represents a different memory or gift from a different year, two are from Mother’s Day, and I love wearing them with the daily reminder of the love around me.” When you’re picking out jewelry for your mom, first take a look at her collection to see if she wears more gold or silver.

This year, the style icon has a few luxe pieces at top of mind. “I got this one [By Chari’s Mama Necklace] recently and love it so much, it’s also available in a diamond option which is very chic.” Plus, the influencer adds, “I mean you can’t go wrong with a little blue box from Tiffany & Co, always makes such a nice and thoughtful gift.” Lastly, Xavier is loving designer Spinelli Kilcollin’s customizable ring links and says you can make them specific to how many children you have.