40 Common Mistakes You Don't Realize Make Your Outfits Look Cheap

And what to do instead.

Written by Natalie Gale
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Common Mistakes You Don't Realize Make Your Outfits Look Cheap
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“It girls” are everywhere these days — inspiring terms like quiet luxury and micro-identities like “tomato girl” and giving us endless fodder for unattainable inspiration on social media. But what if channelling that elegant, elevated “it girl” vibe isn’t actually unattainable at all? We can all feel like our own “it girls” with some of the tips below — because The Zoe Report’s editors have compiled a list of all the ways you can simply and easily elevate your look with just a few pointers.


Mistake: Ignoring Unwanted Roots Since There’s No Time For A Salon Visit

Solution: Apply This Hairline Powder To Quickly Touch Up Color

If your roots are coming in and you want a quick touch-up, turn to this ingenious hairline powder as an easy solution. The powder is infused with squalene, giving it a smooth texture that goes on the hair in a near-invisible manner. Choose between 14 shades ranging from white to black to find your exact match and apply it using the handy included puff applicator. It won’t cause any staining and will stay put for up to 48 hours or whenever you shampoo.


Mistake: Wearing Thin, See-Through Leggings

Solution: Opting For These Smooth, Substantial Leggings Instead

We love a good black legging outfit — perfect for working out, running errands, and looking chic all day long. But ditch those thin jersey leggings, because you’ll look so much more put together with a high-quality, non-sheer legging that hugs you in all the right places. And these popular high-waist leggings fit the bill. They’re Amazon’s best-selling leggings for a reason, providing you with major stretch for comfort and an opaque look for a dressier feel.


Mistake: Throwing Delicates In With The Rest Of The Wash

Solution: Place Them In These Mesh Laundry Bags For Protection

Whether they be lingerie, blouses, or sweaters, delicates require special handling to stay in the best possible shape and keep you looking fabulous. Pop them into these mesh laundry bags with a high 4.7-star rating to keep them safe throughout a wash cycle. The bags come in a set of seven in varying shapes and sizes to suit different pieces of clothing with all of them including an auto-locking zipper to stay closed. The strong mesh material allows water to pass through easily while keeping bras and blouses protected from snagging or too much tumbling.


Mistake: You're Walking Around With Visible Panty Lines

Solution: Buy This Set Of Seamless, No-Show Thongs

A cute, flattering pant’s worst nightmare — panty lines. Keep your look streamlined and chic with these seamless no-show bikini briefs, so you can ditch visible panty lines without needing to wear a thong. These briefs, made of comfy nylon with a cotton, moisture-wicking crotch, are laser cut on all sides for no visible seams that’ll take attention away from an otherwise elegant, flattering silhouette.


Mistake: Wearing A Shirt Under Your Sweater That Scrunches Up & Adds Bulk

Solution: Opt For This Fake Collar Instead

Here’s one of those amazing Amazon hacks you won’t remember how you lived without — this false blouse collar. Standard button-downs underneath sweaters or jackets can bunch up and add more bulk to your look, especially if they’re not tailored correctly. These blouse collars solve that problem, fitting easily under your sweater to give the appearance of a crisp, expensive, perfectly fitted button-down shirt, without the designer price tag.


Mistake: Wearing Pants With Messy Or Too-Long Hems

Solution: Hem Your Pants With This Iron-On Tape

Properly tailored clothes look worlds better than ill-fitting ones. Never wear pants or skirts that are too long again with this iron-on hem adhesive, so you can hem clothes even if you don’t have a sewing machine. These will get you a professional-looking hem in seconds flat, and for a fraction of the cost — just turn your garment inside out, fold it where you want the hem, place the double-sided hem adhesive inside the fold, and press it with an iron. And you can still machine-wash your garment, too.


Mistake: Your Rings Are Too Loose On You

Solution: Get The Perfect Fit With This Ring Adjuster Guard

It’s the worst when a loose ring keeps sliding around on your finger, especially when it hides the gemstone. These ring size adjusters keep your jewelry looking fashionable and in place, rather than slipping and sliding around, with a spiral design that you can cut to fit your exact ring size. The six-piece set comes with multiple different sizes, and the adjusters don’t use any adhesive or fasteners so they won’t damage your ring. And they blend right in to the band, so they’re practically unnoticeable.


Mistake: Your Look Is Begging For A Belt

Solution: Buy These Simple, Expensive-Looking Belts That Goes With Everything

Give tailored pants and flowy dresses alike a little something extra with a simple belt, like this faux-leather one. (If you need a little belt-spiration, check out how these NYFW models wore belts on the catwalk.) This two-pack comes with one black and one brown belt to match with any outfit, while the double O-ring buckle in the front adds a fashionable yet understated touch. Simple belts like these are essential for elevating any look, whether you’re wearing jeans, trousers, a dress, or a skirt.


Mistake: Your Jewelry Verges On Costume-y

Solution: Invest In A Simple, Chunky Gold Chain That Goes With Everything

Another high-quality, expensive-looking piece of jewelry without the high price tag? This chunky gold toggle necklace. It’s 18-karat gold plated to make it durable and long-lasting, and adds understated elegance to even casual looks. Its timeless toggle closure is reminiscent of Tiffany’s iconic heart tag necklace, giving any look a touch of classic stealth wealth — and this perfect investment piece goes with absolutely everything.


Mistake: Carrying A Bag With A Busy Print That Clashes With Your Outfit

Solution: Opt For A Simple, Classic Tote Instead

Matching your bag to your outfit is a surefire way to look polished and professional each day. This faux-leather tote makes it easy to do just that without having to own a bunch of different bags. The simple, fashionable tote is large enough for all your daytime essentials like cosmetics, a charger, and even a laptop. It has a classic snap closure, a simple, clean design, and and can easily transition from day to night. Plus, it comes in over 50 colors, including lots of understated, goes-with-everything neutrals.

  • Available colors: 50+


Mistake: Wearing Dirty Sneakers

Solution: Giving Them A Thorough Clean With This Pink "Miracle" Liquid

We know, we know — sneakers can get dirty really quickly. But wearing super dirty shoes is no way to look polished and put together, so pick up a bottle of this best-selling Pink Miracle shoe cleaner — over 20,000 Amazon shoppers swear by it. Keep any shoe, like sneakers, boots, and sandals, clean and dirt-free with this gentle shoe cleaner. Just a little cleaner, a little water, and the included scrub brush goes a long way towards keeping your look elevated and spotless.


Mistake: Wearing Fuzzy Sweaters & Knits With Visible Pilling

Solution: Remove Fuzz & Pills With This Best-Selling Fabric Shaver

We all have those well-loved sweaters and knits that we wear over and over. But as soon as they start to pill, it’s time to invest in a fabric shaver to keep your tops looking fresh and new. This handy, battery-operated shaver has three settings for different fabric types, as well as a detachable lint catcher to keep everything clean. It gently removes fuzz, pills, and lint from any type of clothing, so you can continue wearing those investment pieces and looking sharp while doing it.


Mistake: Wearing A Bra When You Really Shouldn't

Solution: Opt For These Best-Selling Nipple Covers Instead

Ditch visible bras and show off more elegant, put-together outfits, because these adhesive silicone NIPPIES have you covered. They’re made of thin, comfortable silicone with medical-grade adhesive for all-day hold. They’re reusable and come in five different shades to match your skin tone, so you can rock a backless dress or spaghetti strap top with confidence — and you’ll look so much more sophisticated without a bra band poking out.


Mistake: Leaving The House In Wrinkled Clothes

Solution: Invest In This Compact, Travel-Friendly Garment Steamer

Sometimes, during a busy morning, ironing your clothes is the last thing on your mind. But this handheld garment steamer makes getting those pesky wrinkles out of your clothes a breeze — and you don’t even have to lug the ironing board out. Amazon’s best selling travel garment steamer, the compact appliance gently removes wrinkles from almost any type of fabric with a continuous flow of steam, and it even fits easily into your luggage when you travel. Trust us — those few extra minutes spend de-wrinkling your shirt make a huge difference.


Mistake: Your Leather Shoes, Bags, & Jackets Are Scratched & Worn

Solution: Freshen Them Up With This Leather-Restoring Wax

The best way to embody quiet luxury and always look expensive? Invest in a few excellent pieces made of a quality material like leather — and take care of them. This leather cream is essential for keeping your leather bags, shoes, and jackets in great condition. Just like your skin, leather needs to be moisturized to keep it from drying out and cracking. This cream, made from a blend of beeswax and seed oils, leaves your leather products looking new and lasting much longer.


Mistake: Wearing Athletic Leggings With Blazers & Dressy Tops

Solution: Try A Pair Of Faux-Leather Leggings Instead

Sure, you want to stay comfortable during busy days when you’re on the go — but pairing athletic legging with dressier tops is one of our no-goes. Instead, invest in luxe-looking yet comfy bottoms like these faux-leather leggings. They’re breathable and stretchy, and have a super flattering high waistline and butt-lifting effect, so you can feel stylish, sophisticated, and, most importantly, comfortable.


Mistake: You Nailed Your Outfit...But Not Your Hair

Solution: Fake A Salon Blow Dry With This Best-Selling Blow Dryer Blush

Getting gorgeous, supermodel hair no longer means hours at the salon or hundreds of dollars. At-home tools like this Revlon hot air brush will make sure your hairstyle stays in line with your expensive-looking outfit — after all, the ultimate rich girl accessory is a stunning blowout. The brush helps you style, dry, and volumize in just one step, smoothing hair and reducing frizz while giving you a fresh, bouncy blowout in minutes, so you’ll look like you stepped right out of the salon every morning.


Mistake: Ruining Outfits By Wearing A Hair Tie On Your Wrist

Solution: Switching To These Hair Ties That Look Like Bracelets

Keeping a hair tie around your wrist is ultra-convenient, but they can also mess with your outfit — but these bracelet hair ties mean you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for convenience. Instead of traditional hair elastics, these hair ties look like dainty gold bracelets, making your look feel more intentional and elegant. They’re cute enough to keep on your wrist even during formal events, so you won’t have to leave your hair tie behind next time you’re at a wedding.


Mistake: Your Nails Could Use Some TLC

Solution: Swipe On This Strengthening Polish That Gives Nails A Healthy Glow

You’ll always look effortlessly put together and chic with clean, healthy-looking nails. Get dry, brittle nails into shape without visiting the nail salon with a quick coat of this Essie nail strengthener, which protects fragile nails from daily wear and tear and leaves them stronger and healthier than before — especially great after getting gels or acrylics removed. Plus, the polish’s sheer pink tint provides a subtle wash of quiet luxury color.


Mistake: Having Cracked & Dry Cuticles

Solution: Moisturize Your Nails With Nourishing Cuticle Cream

You can put together the most elegant outfit with the chicest accessories, but if your nails look parched and cracked, it can take a toll on your whole look. To lend your hands as sleek a look as your outfit, opt for this soothing cuticle cream. It’s loaded with nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, rice bran oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and Japanese seaweed. Apply several drops to each finger using the precision tip and massage into the skin for hydrated, beautiful-looking nails.


Mistake: Your Shirts Bunch Up At The Waist & Look Sloppy

Solution: Wear A Bodysuit Instead

For a clean, streamlined look, avoid shirts that bunch up or come untucked by opting for a bodysuit instead. Bodysuits offer a sculpting, smoothing look that makes them perfect for layering during the day or elevating with a pair of heels at night. This one from PUMIEY is made of a buttery soft, stretchy fabric for all-day comfort, and its thong fit makes it perfect for pairing with leggings or other fitted pants. It even has a convenient snap closure at the crotch.


Mistake: Wearing Earrings That Compete For Attention

Solution: Channel Quiet Luxury With Small, Dainty Hoops

Nothing will elevate an everyday look as well as simple, quality gold jewelry. Replace loud, dangly earrings with these gold chunky hoops the give an understated elegance to any outfit. All of PAVOI’s jewelry is made of 100% recycled materials, and these hoops help you enter your quiet luxury era with a gold-plated body that’ll last through lots of wear and tear. But at $14, they don’t come with the quiet luxury pricetag.


Mistake: Your UGGs Are Caked With Mud & Dirt

Solution: Keep Them Looking Fresh With This UGG Protector Spray

You wouldn’t walk around with stains or dirt all over your shirt — so why do it with your expensive UGGs? With just a few seconds, this UGG brand shoe spray protects your shoes from rain, snow, dirt, and stains, helping you live out your cozy-chic dreams all year long. After all, looking expensive and put together is all about taking good care of the quality products you already own.


Mistake: Your Jeans Are Bunched Up Or Coming Out Of Your Boots

Solution: Keep Them In Place With These Clever Boot Straps

Tucking jeans into your boots looks super chic, especially if they’re trendy ankle boots like combat boots, cowboy boots, or kitten heel booties — but not if your pants keep bunching up or sliding out. These ingenious little boot straps help keep your pants tucked into place inside your boots, with tight clip closures and extendable elastic lengths. The clips even have plastic inserts to protect your pants from tears.


Mistake: Neglecting To Brighten Your Eyes

Solution: Open Eyes Up With A Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

If you leave your apartment looking great but feel (and look) half asleep, you could be missing an opportunity to amplify an otherwise perfect outfit. This eyelash curler features a calibrated hinge and elongated curved surface to give you gorgeous lashes that say, “Hello world!” The handles are easy to grip and the curler is designed to protect against pinching and tugging. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous rose gold shade that will please you every time you open your cosmetics drawer.


Mistake: Having Deodorant Stains On Your Clothes

Solution: These Sponges That Instantly Lift Stains

What happens if you accidentally get a deodorant stain on dark clothing? These deodorant remover sponges will save the day. The sponge requires no water — simply rub it along a white deodorant stain and watch the stain lift before your eyes. And since they’re reusable, they’re great to keep on hand in case of deodorant emergencies.


Mistake: Visible Bra Straps Are Messing With Your Streamlined Look

Solution: Hide Them With These Clever Bra Strap Clips

If visible bra straps are interfering with your look, these bra strap clips fix the problem in no time. This multi-functional set comes with several different clips for hiding bra straps under any kind of shirt. The oval clips instantly turn any bra into a racerback, while the extendable horizontal straps pull your bra straps just a tiny bit closer together, or allow you to position your straps further off your shoulders without making them fall all the way down.


Mistake: Wearing Dull Jewelry That's Lost Its Shine

Solution: Restore Its Sparkle With This Convenient Pen

If you wear beautiful gemstones, accentuate them! Your jewelry will look even more expensive and gorgeous with a quick clean, and this portable diamond cleaner helps you do just that. The pen contains a cleaning gel and gentle bristles to get into all the nooks and crannies, effectively removing dirt and oil and reducing the appearance of scratches to add the glitz back into jewelry with precious gems. And this portable cleaner really works — it’s racked up almost 40,000 five-star Amazon ratings and reviews.


Mistake: Your Socks Are Peeking Out Of Your Shoes

Solution: Wear These No-Show Socks With Silicone Heel Grips

Nail your gamine look with these no-show socks that won’t slip off your feet no matter how much loafer-clad walking you do. They come in a set of eight pairs in neutral black, white, and gray, and include silicone heel grips to keep them securely in place. Breathable cotton material both absorbs moisture and encourages airflow while elastic around the arches provides extra support. Wear these with anything from flats to sneakers to heels for a sleek, sockless look.


Mistake: Your Hairbands Are Damaging Your Strands

Solution: Use These Velvet Scrunchies Made Of Soft Material

When your hair has been torn or tangled one too many times by harsh hairbands, simply switching to a softer material can do wonders for your hair’s health. These velvet scrunchies with over 9,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating are precisely the answer due to their incredibly silky material that glides smoothly through your hair. They come in 12 jewel-toned shades such as deep red, dark blue, and turquoise, and provide excellent grip without causing any dents or damage.


Mistake: Your Clothes Don't Fit You Properly

Solution: Temporarily Hem Your Clothes With This Easy-To-Use Tape

Here’s another DIY hem solution, and one that’s totally impermanent: this double-sided fashion tape. Hem the ends of ill-fitting pants, skirts, necklines, and sleeves with a piece of cleverly placed fashion tape, so you’ll always look put together. And this way, you can adjust the hem whenever you want. This 50-pack of fashion tape is probably one of the best fashion investments you can make — you never know when a bit of fashion tape will save the day.


Mistake: Wearing Pants With Elastic Waistbands

Solution: Try A Pair Of Wide-Leg Trousers Instead

Make your outfits look so much more expensive by switching from elastic waistbands to fitted, tailored waistlines, says TikTok creator @nataliadenise, noting that pants that create long, lean lines look much more chic and polished. These high-waist palazzo pants give you that clean, tailored look without sacrificing any of the comfort. Their medium weight fabric makes them cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and their super wide legs keeps them chic, flattering, and comfortable.


Mistake: Your Necklaces Are Too Long (Or Too Short)

Solution: Adjust Them With This Set Of Extenders

Just like clothing, jewelry sometimes needs tailoring, too. You wouldn’t wear an ill-fitting blouse or too-long trousers because it wouldn’t look polished, so why do the same with your necklaces? These necklace extenders, in both gold and silver, add extra length to your necklaces and bracelets so they hit at just the right point. The 10-pack comes with five different extender lengths for whatever your needs: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches.


Mistake: Neglecting Your Shoes & Letting Dirt Build Up

Solution: Buy (& Actually Use) This Shoe Cleaner Kit

Don’t let dirt and grime pile up on otherwise expensive-looking shoes. Instead, invest in a shoe cleaner, like this cleaner that comes with its own hog hair brush for gentle scrubbing — it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your entire outfit feeling neat and polished. The cleaner works on all types of shoes, like nylon, mesh, or canvas sneakers, along with leather and suede shoes.


Mistake: Piling Up Your Purses On The Floor

Solution: Treat Handbags Right With A Hanging Purse Organizer

Crumpled and damaged purses can seriously thwart an outfit’s effectiveness. Instead of tossing them on the closet floor, store them in one of these hanging purse organizers designed especially for the job. It includes eight large slots, four in front and four in back, to store bags, each with its own clear plastic pocket so you can easily see what’s stored where. It hangs over your closet bar thanks to a strong swivel hook yet takes up a minimum of room thanks to its slim design. Plus it comes in attractive neutral shades with contrast trim for a stylish look.


Mistake: Your Clothes Are Rumpled From Chaotic Storage

Solution: Keep Clothing In Stylish Shape With These Acrylic Shelf Dividers

There’s nothing less chic than donning a crumpled sweater as you head out for the day. Uplift your daily look by simply storing clothing in neat and tidy piles assisted by these acrylic shelf dividers. Four come in each pack and clamp securely onto the shelf to create separate compartments. They’re tall enough to support high piles and come available in back, clear, or white to match your closet aesthetic.


Mistake: Leaving Hair In A Dry & Damaged State

Solution: Use This Powerful Hair Oil To Restore Strength & Shine

Beachy and windswept locks certainly have their place when it comes to cultivating certain styles, but there’s no doubt healthy hair improves any look by a mile. Treat dry and damaged strands with this hair oil that’s packed with powerful ingredients to restore both strength and shine. It only requires a few drops to work its magic as the jojoba, argan, avocado, and camellia oils provide rich moisture. Use it on all types of hair without feeling any heavy residue left behind.


Mistake: You Can See Bra & Panty Lines Under Your Outfit

Solution: Wear This Smoothing Bodysuit Underneath Your Clothes

Visible bra and panty lines are sure to make an outfit look a bit less polished and put together, which is where this shapewear bodysuit comes in. The bodysuit has a thong cut and provides tons of waist and chest support, so you can achieve a streamlined look underneath fitted dresses and skirts, all without underwear lines. The bodysuit is made of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and even has a hook and eye closure at the crotch for easy bathroom use. It’s also a best-seller on Amazon with over 13,000 five-star ratings.


Mistake: Walking Around With Stained Clothes From Mid-Day Spills

Solution: Always Keep This Stain Treater In Your Bag

Accidents happen, which is why you should always keep this stain-treater spray in your purse. With a simple spritz and rub, the spray helps remove fresh stains almost as quickly as they happen, all without bleach. And this spray has been backed up by thousands of five-star reviews that celebrate its ability to deal with old, dried stains as well.


Mistake: Not Wearing Socks With Your Loafers


In case you missed it, wearing socks with your loafers and Mary Janes is all the rage these days. While not doing so might not make your outfit look cheap, per se, doing so will make your outfit look about 10 times more stylish. This value pack contains the perfect loafer socks in both black and white, and rings up at just $15 for three pairs.

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