The Quiet Power Of Cold-Weather Dressing

Feel good in what you’re wearing.

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Two models wearing off the shoulder knitwear

Fashion is back. With cautious optimism. While we navigate this new era and recalibrate our positioning, the garments we choose to wear, and perhaps more importantly not wear, reflect more meaning than simply style.

Comfort was long the name of the game, and within that period, a dormancy from wondrous design and vivid collections that have the power to enchant and lift one off their proverbial feet. But, this current period, part past, part new life, is brimming with bold, exciting pieces created with easy wearing in mind. Gone are the days when looking good meant feeling uncomfortable — to our good fortune, they are not mutually exclusive anymore. There is a fruitful plenty of thoughtful designs and fabrications this fall and winter.

While last year may have been relegated to a heavy rotation of utilitarian puffers and ’70s-inspired sneakers, this season’s bounty is stocked with sensual knitwear in dreamy hues that hug the body, show off the shoulders; striking graphics and statement prints that make an impression; and wrap-around coats with golden faux fur trimming.

On Sabah (left): Salvatore Ferragamo dress, Samuel François earrings, Coperni boots. On Laura (right): Altuzarra dress and hat, Chelsea Paris shoes
Thebe Magugu clothing, Coperni boots
Louis Vuitton clothing and boots

When it comes to dressing this winter, go on the offensive and march into the day garbed with fashionable armor on display. Consider an unexpected silhouette on the classic red plaid when gathering for an intimate dinner with friends. The embrace of the corset, the tailored slim pants is a tasteful ensemble that is versatile for an array of engagements this holiday.

On Sabah (left): Dior clothing and earrings. On Laura (right): Wales Bonner vest, Sacai skirt.

Celebrate and say thanks in a divine fringe number that mesmerizes with each flutter. Just like this transient moment, so too is your form as you move forward with each step. Maintain good spirits and cross over to the new year with a positive take on the future.

Givenchy dress, Swarovski earrings, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes
Alexandre Vauthier dress

While one may be tempted to burrow their head and cocoon their body in the cozy fuzziness of shearling against the harsh winter cold, take a glance at your reflection and remember that dressing up can be fun, a delightful experience. Opt for an energizing rust-colored skirt with an asymmetrical cut to contrast the heavy-duty toughness of the coat. This shade of orange, along with mustard yellow and emerald green, are anything-but-boring neutrals that can be paired with what’s already in your wardrobe.

Coach jacket, Sacai sweater, Ulla Johnson skirt, Celine by Hedi Slimane boots

Experiment with new colors and layers this season. Tie a sweater around complementary shaded or similarly patterned knitwear for a stylized look that’s as easy as making a knot. Après ski or after work, the Nordic sweater is the most coveted layering piece this season and comes in a variety of fits, from cropped to puff sleeves.

On Laura (left): Paco Rabanne sweater, Levi’s jeans. On Sabah (right): MM6 Maison Margiela sweater, 6397 sweater (tied around neck).

But, most of all, don’t forget to indulge in these moments, as they are not purely in vain. A creative outlet, be it the ritual of getting dressed, has the power to nourish the soul as much as an artistic endeavor, like painting a canvas.

On Sabah (Left): Theophilio dress, Swarovski earrings, Dior boots. On Laura (Right): Victor Glemaud clothing, Swarovski earrings, By Far shoes.

Emerge each day awakened, regenerated, and make sure that the coat, the skirt, and the boots you strap on embolden you up to take on what lies ahead.

On Sabah (left): Prada clothing and boots. On Laura (right): Sportmax coat, skirt, and boots; Meryll Rogge bra and corset.

Top Image Credits: On Laura (Left): Altuzarra dress and hat, Chelsea Paris shoes. On Sabah (Right): Salvatore Ferragamo dress, Samuel François earrings, Coperni boots.

Models: Laura Azevedo & Sabah Koj

Photographer: Lelanie Foster

Stylist: Rebecca Dennett

Hair: Junya Nakashima

Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci

Manicure: Aja Walton

Art Director: Shanelle Infante

Bookings: Ariel Bielsky

VP Fashion: Tiffany Reid

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