How To Get Paid $70,000 To Hang Out With The Queen

It’s the Queen of England’s birthday today and it’s a big one: she’s 90! Her Majesty is basically the rule book when it comes to refined style in the public eye (she’s been in it longer than anyone else) and her signature style has taught us all a thing or two about knowing what works and sticking to it. If you, like us, think the queen is pretty damn awesome, this new job posting we discovered might be up your alley. Buckingham Palace just posted a position looking for a “Head of Digital Engagement” and the gig pays $70,000. Yes, that’s right, taking Instagram photos (wonder which filter the Queen likes?) and sending Tweets with updates on the royal family (Prince George is wearing knee socks today!) are the job requirements for this post. If nothing else, it’s fun to ponder what life would be like as an honorary royal.