(Fashionably Late)

Jewelry Designer Cass DiMicco’s Go-To Easy Outfit Works For Every Situation

It’ll take you from Zoom meetings to happy hour drinks.

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Few feelings ignite more panic than running behind because you don’t know what to wear. File away some fail-safe outfit ideas to fall back on with TZR’s Fashionably Late series, where we tap our favorite tastemakers for the looks they reach for in a rush — and, naturally, the exact products you need to follow suit.

Everyone has some variation of a work-from-home uniform, whether that be a plain T-shirt and leggings, a floral wrap dress, or a tank top and boxer shorts. But if you’re looking for a quick outfit idea that has the ease of slipping into pajamas, yet feels elevated on a Zoom call, Cass DiMicco has just the right combination for you. DiMicco, who founded her luxury jewelry brand Aureum Collective in 2019, swears by three key pieces for her WFH outfit: a fitted top, loose pants, and jewelry from her own line, naturally.

“Loose pants are chic and polished,” she says, referring to a pair of roomy white trousers or denim as her go-to work pants. “Whether I’m sitting in a meeting, nail salon, or at dinner, I think they are the most comfortable option. I have a longer torso, too, so I love [when they] hit the floor to give me a lengthened look.”

Her outfit is typically composed of neutral, tailored separates (you’ll see this, below) so she also loves adding in oversized gold jewelry to make a statement. “I work from home, but I still like to get dressed and feel put together,” she tells TZR. “That’s why I love [the aforementioned] combination because it’s great for a busy day at your desk. Accessories are an easy way to elevate a relaxed look, so I’m always wearing a gold cuff and gold statement earrings to feel more polished.”

Courtesy of Cass DiMicco

Take a look through the designer’s Instagram account and you’ll see her method in action. DiMicco always styles her more minimal “stealth wealth” pieces (think a button-down shirt or white pants) with giant gold jewelry, whether that be geometric-shaped earrings or a medley of chunky rings. They not only go with her timeless aesthetic, but the accessories are bright enough to draw your attention from afar.

Ahead, shop the everyday pieces DiMicco swears by so you can get her exact uniform. Best of all? The whole look works both for a day at your desk, and to happy hour after.