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What To Buy For Every Zodiac Sign This Holiday Season

Ideas so good, it’s like they’re written in the stars.

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The Best Fashion Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign
The Look Of The Holidays
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Crafting and perfecting a gift list can be taxing. There’s the research, the sale shopping, the crowds (or perhaps worse: the delivery fees)... and then there’s the ever-present hope that the item is, in fact, something the recipient will enjoy. Unless the loved one has told you exactly what they’d like to receive this season, which happens exactly never, gifting always ends up being somewhat of a guessing game. But looking to the zodiac, especially someone’s sun sign, can serve as a north star to guide your holiday selections — it gets rid of some of the guesswork.

How? According to astrology, each person has a unique chart based on their birthday, the time they were born and birth location. Someone’s sun sign (aka, the sign most people use to read their horoscopes) is often considered to be their conscious personality, comprised of their preferences, personality traits, and motivators, among other characteristics.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to use astrology to help discern what type of fashion gift a Leo would prefer compared to say, a Scorpio? We think so. That’s why we spoke with Maressa Brown, professional astrologer and author of “Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parent’s Guide to Astrology” to explain key attributes of each sign, and what sort of fashion gift they’re most likely to appreciate this holiday season.


Ruled by Mars, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, making people who fall under this sign playful, competitive, and forever on the hunt for the newest trend, notes Brown. Have a friend who’s always first in line at that under-the-radar sample sale? They might be an Aries. When it comes to gifts, “fitness gear if they’re the sporty type and the hottest, trending bag or accessory, if they’re more the fashion type,” she suggests.


Moving on from fiery Aries comes earth sign, Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, beauty, values, and money, Brown says. “They're really just homebodies who love luxury items,” Brown explains, which makes them ultra driven. This sign might enjoy “a really nice throw or a gift card to buy new art for their walls, or an outing where they can taste test new wines or cheeses to consider buying for their home collection,” she continues. And if you want to go the fashion route? Sumptuous pajamas or a cashmere shawl will always be hits.


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, and technology, Geminis are all about connection through chatting, Brown says. One key element that’s often overlooked? They’re good listeners, Brown reveals, and love to consume all the content — and share what they’ve learned. For this sign, gifts that cover travel, writing, or lifelong-student hearts smile, are sure to be a home run.


“Cancer is the cardinal water sign ruled by the moon. They are emotionally intelligent and go getters,” Brown details. They’re also sentimental and all-around softies. They’re typically animal people and might have a major vintage habit. For Cancer gift recipients, think about items that help them take care of others, or pull at the heart threads, like a piece of jewelry that carries extra meaning. You also can’t go wrong for anything for their fur babies, if they’re proud pet parents, Brown advises.


Have a pal who tends to be a little extra? They very well might be a Leo. These lions tend to have an innate charisma and confidence, like Samantha Jones or Jennifer Lopez. Anything that screams “look at me,” will work for a Leo gift, Brown tells TZR. They have no shame wearing bold colors, and will love just about anything warm and sunny, including yellow gold jewelry or summery-scented perfumes.


Virgo is the mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury [and is] very analytical, down to earth, service-oriented, and detail-oriented,” says Brown. “They really enjoy being useful and helping others.” All that selflessness and mental gymnastics can call for a need to recharge, though, making gifts that emphasize the mind-body connection a strong gift option. And any gorgeous accessory where they're able to write and journal and get their thoughts out,” could also be a win, she points out. Additionally, these signs can be super focused on sustainability, so keep an eye out for an vegan leather or other eco-conscious accessories as another gift idea, too.


The romantics and social butterflies of the zodiac, Venus-ruled Libras have a major knack for style. “They’re all about balance and beauty,” Brown says. “They’ll love any gifts that make their space more beautiful or serene.” The Libra in your life might love playing hostess — presents that support this will go over well. Because they love balance, anything color blocked or jewelry that’s a play on symmetry should be on your Libra gift list, too.


One of the most divisive signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are ruled by not one, but two planets. “The first and traditional planet ruler of the sign, Mars is the planet of action, energy, and facts. Pluto, the newer understood ruling planet is all about transformation and rebirth. Scorpio is just extremely intense, emotional, and family-oriented,” Brown says. “They're very driven and magnetic. I think of somebody like Katy Perry who’s magnetic with a style that’s intensely her own. Because they're fixed, they dig their heels in on what they like.” A gift card or refresh on their favorite items are a safe bet for Scorpios. Alternatively, because they’re super artistic, spiritual, and don’t shy away from taboo topics; go nuts getting them everything Tarot, astrology, or items that will speak to their sensual side.


“Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion,” Brown says. “They’re especially adventurous and tend to have some wanderlust. They’re the philosophers and big-picture thinkers of the zodiac.” In other words, these folks aren’t afraid to go big — especially in their closet. That means over-the-top items are a surefire gift idea. Because they also tend to be passionate about social justice issues, try to find a gift that perhaps also gives back, Brown suggests.


Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are known for their work ethic and dry sense of humor, Brown said. They also tend to be traditionalists. “As far as their personal style goes, because of that Saturnian influence, classic is really the best. They like to have a go-to for whatever category. But it also needs to be practical,” she emphasizes. This is where those forever-chic items can get a lot of play — and enjoyment. This holiday season, think timeless staples and functional pieces that can get used daily to give to Capricorn loved ones.


Ah, Aquarians. The often-misunderstood air sign is another one that boasts two ruling planets... kinda. The modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of life, rebellion, revolution, sudden change, electricity. And then they’re traditionally ruled by Saturn,” Brown says. This sign is not only the tech-savvy friend in your group chat, they’re also hyper humanitarian-minded. These folks are people-people, and hate being status quo. Aquarians won’t be the folks who are hopping on any trend band wagon, unless it aligns with their unique sense of style — they’re totally adventurous when it comes to how they like to dress. One last thing, Brown advises: They like to think about voting with their wallet and love it when brands have a philanthropic component.


Pisces is a mutable water sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and fortune,” explained Brown. “Their modern ruler is Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams and illusion.” These signs tend to be empathic and super artistic. And they pick up on everybody's energy.” Because they can be impacted by other people’s moods and feelings, consider an annual membership to a mindfulness app to recenter on their needs or anything that helps to express themselves, including their outfits. Who are some Pisces style icons? “Kurt Cobain, totally,” said Brown.

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