Nail The Vacation Selfie With These 6 Sunnies

Not to stress you out, but cool sunglasses are crucial for truly enjoying your vacation. If you have all your travel plans nailed down, but haven’t sorted out your off-duty uniform, start by choosing a pair of chic sunnies. Whether you’re looking for adventure or simply want some R&R—the right shades will set the tone. Here, 6 of our favorite summer destinations and the perfect sunglasses for each trip.

Who's That Girl?

Picture-perfect shades for some of our favorite summer destinations.

For a siesta at the beach your sunglasses should read: Do Not Disturb. The bigger, the better!

The only thing that could make a helicopter ride better—hovering over double rainbows and whales—is seeing the view through rose-colored glasses.

Classic aviators and windblown hair are a match made in road-trip heaven. Even if you drove up in a Prius, you'll look like you just hopped off a Harley with these shades.

You don't actually need to be on a yacht in the Côte d'Azur to experience the height of glamour—these shades plus a glass of Champagne should do the trick at your favorite local sunset.

Cool sunglasses are a key element to cruising the PCH looking for surf. Get a sporty pair that will work seamlessly from the beach to lobster lunch at Neptune's Net.

Even the farmer's market in the Hamptons is a fashion show. Come prepared with tortoiseshell frames, which will pair naturally with nautical stripes and polo shirts that are de rigueur on Long Island.