The 7 Swimsuit Trends You Don't Want To Ignore

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Whether you can spend warmer months by the pool or you'll be tanning from your fire escape, odds are you'll want a swimsuit to help you maximize soaking up that vitamin D. And if you're considering buying a new style this season, the biggest swimsuit trends for 2020 are the place to start. Because if you can't go to the beach, the next best thing is planning the perfect outfit for when you're able to again. And now that you're working from home, you can sunbathe during the work day, be it in your backyard, from a balcony, or even on your couch by a window (it still counts!). So, when you think about it, bathing suits are actually quite practical in terms of at-home attire.

Even if you don't consider a bathing suit to be an essential item right now, there's no harm in diving deeper into the season's biggest trends for the sake of occupying your mind with a fun topic and merely being in the know. To help inform, four swimwear brands shared their take on the biggest swimsuit trends to know this year. Seven of them, to be exact.

Keep scrolling to discover the styles they're championing this season. Plus, a selection of one-pieces and bikinis that fall within each trend. Though shopping can feel a bit stressful at the moment, there's something to be said for supporting a smaller brand with a purchase. So, in addition to spotlight the season's biggest trends, below you'll find plenty of bathing suits from small and independent labels that will significantly benefit from your purchase should you choose to make one.

2020 Swimsuit Trend: Underwire

Courtesy of Faithfull The Brand

"One trend we're seeing a lot of this year is the incorporation of underwire in swim silhouettes," says Dalia Cunow, Onia's creative director of women's. "Designers are constantly looking for new ways to support the female form, and underwire adds that extra lift."

2020 Swimsuit Trend: Lurex

"I am seeing lurex everywhere and am especially obsessed with our new pieces cut in rich purples, bright turquoise blues, deep magentas, and basic blacks," says Oleema Miller, creative director and designer of Mikoh. The shiny, shimmery nature of Lurex suits makes them especially fun for sunny days.

2020 Swimsuit Trend: Ruffles

Courtesy of Summersalt

"One of the trends we're most excited about is ruffles," Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin, co-founder and chief of digital branding for Summersalt, tells TZR. The brand played with classic silhouettes this season by adding ruffle details both to the shoulder straps and on seams. Keep an eye out for subtle takes on this trend for a look that feels more of-the-moment.

2020 Swimsuit Trend: Multitasking Swimwear

Courtesy of Marysia

Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves, the founder of her namesake swimwear line Marysia, tells TZR that a big trend for swimwear in 2020 is pieces that can multitask. "We strive for our pieces to be utilized in a number of ways. We're constantly thinking about how we can consume less and buy better, and we want to exhibit that philosophy in our design and production as well," she says.

From pairing a maillot with jeans to styling a bikini top with a skirt or layering a sheer dress over a high-waist two-piece, this is a versatile trend that works no matter the destination and the ultimate way to capture an "on holiday" vibe.

2020 Swimsuit Trend: Modern Prints

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Every season comes with a playful batch of prints, and according to Lori Coulter, co-founder and CEO of Summersalt, 2020 is all about revisiting timeless motifs. "The big trends we're seeing are updated versions of classic prints, including micro florals, polka dots, leopard, and tie-dye," Coulter says. "We've taken a fresh approach to prints by offering modern silhouettes with a fresh twist."

2020 Swimsuit Trend: Minimalist Swimsuits

Courtesy of Mikoh

"Clean, simple, and classic silhouettes are also a major look for the season," Miller tells TZR, highlighting one-pieces, one-shoulder necklines, and timeless bikinis. If you're testing a more pared-back silhouette, consider a fun color.

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