10 Spring Trends Fashion Insiders Think Are *Actually* Worth Buying

Plus, their take on the current trend cycle.


The considered strategy that once guided morning dressing has since devolved to an automated reach for soft sets, house dresses, and unrestrictive spandex. Shopping habits have similarly changed. The zeal that once spurred new-season shopping hauls hits different, and for some, it’s dissipated entirely. In place of a got-to-have-it pair of heels or killer bag that at one time would have triggered an impulse purchase, is yet another hoodie. Accordingly, a question remains: what trends are most important in a season when at-home style is still primarily the norm?

It’s an intriguing inquiry for any fashion-focused individual, but especially so for insiders whose livelihoods effectively depend upon the cycle. While designers, buyers, stylists, and content directors all have a different role to play within the industry, there’s a need for each to understand what’s on the horizon and what consumers really want. For a look into how nine of these insiders are reconsidering trends — plus, the ones they feel are most worth buying into — you’ll want to keep reading.

Below, discover the trends that those who live and breathe fashion deem “worth it” this spring, and shop the edit for those that pique your interest.

Aya Kanai, Head of Content & Creator Partnerships at Pinterest

“Trends are always surfacing; they are truly the temperature check of the fashion zeitgeist,” Pinterest’s Aya Kanai tells TZR. “As a long-time fashion editor before moving to consumer technology, I love to see what consumers are interested in from the vast swath of what exists in the market. It turns out when it comes to seeing trends, Pinterest is uniquely positioned to surface the trends that our over 460 million monthly active users are excited about. It’s an important data set because Pinterest users are planners, which means that it’s a window into the future of what people are searching for, wearing, and styling.”

Aya’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trends: Oversized Everything & Jumpsuits

“Gen-Z certainly taught us all, and ‘oversized outfit’ has gone up three times in search on Pinterest,” Kanai shares. “I also particularly love the jumpsuit trend, which went up 160% in search. There are so many options now, from the boiler suit (my personal favorite that I style with Dr. Martens) to the softer jumpsuit versions that I style for my loungewear moments at home.”

Sandrine Charles, Fashion Consultant & Co-Founder of the Black in Fashion Council

“For me, trends in this climate don’t matter as much as they would have in previous seasons, Pre-Covid. I did a full closet haul, and still, as I am writing this, I’m doing another edit of five large shopping bags,” fashion consultant and Black in Fashion Council co-founder Sandrine Charles shares via email. “What I need right now are practical pieces — I have suit sets, sweat sets, sneakers, loaders, bodysuits, and pants. Oh, and of course, lots of pajama sets!”

Sandrine’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trends: Stylish Sweats & Day Dresses

“I can’t wait to really get into spring and dress up a bit more, still dress it down with my usual sneaker look,” Charles says. “I think refreshing my style and closet is important. You evolve in style all the time, so injecting key pieces and having fun with trends is my duality.”

Marina Larroudé, Founder of Larroudé

“I’m inspired by real life and women on social media and how they make sweats look more attractive and fashiony. I love to see how girls are dressing up the sweatpants with combat boots and blazers. But those are not runway trends — those are real-life concepts,” shoe entrepreneur Marina Larroudé tells TZR.

“I think in general we are all on pause, playing with all the sweats, tie-dyes, home slippers, chunky boots we bought last year. We’re being creative with styling while waiting for this moment to pass, so we can get out of the house and dress up,” Larroudé continues. Adding, “At that point, I believe we will want to be very over the top. Super feminine, sexy, beautiful, extra, major heels all over again. It will feel like an extreme makeover.”

Marina’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trend: Slide Sandals

“I’m still in the mood for chunky slides like our Larroudé Cali sandals. The oversized look of it makes it cool,” Larroudé shares. “I love how we can wear them at home with socks and no socks. Then, wear them out and about during spring and summer times. It works with any outfit, from dresses to sweatpants and oversized long pants — they’re very versatile, and you can get lots of wear out of them. Those are the ones worth investing in.”

Vanessa Bellan, Founder of V.Bellan

“In this current climate, I don’t think trends really matter. We’re all mostly working and spending time at home, so we’re not getting dressed like we used to,” gender-neutral jewelry designer Vanessa Bellan tells TZR. “I’ve always been attracted to having and investing in [timeless] pieces that I can wear over and over. My essentials will always be a good-fitting pair of jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, and V.Bellan jewelry. Living in NYC has also made me invest in a lot of outerwear, so jackets and coats take alllllllll my money.”

Vanessa’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trend: Feel-Good Prints

“My must-have Spring/Summer 2021 trend would have to be a feel-good print. I definitely want to purchase some floral-print dresses and vibrant flowy pieces that will bring a smile to my face and give me vacation vibes wherever I go,” Bellan explains. “Investing in fun, colorful pieces — whether it be a dress, top, jacket, or purse — will always uplift your spirits and give you an added confidence boost. You can wear a hot pink dress or a colorful print jacket over a pair of jeans and a tee. Top it all off with VB jewelry, and you’re good to go.”

Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director, Shopbop

“Our customer is very much in the buy now, wear now mindset,” Shopbop’s Caroline Maguire tells TZR. “Customers are always coming to Shopbop for the latest trends, and at this moment, it’s all about color and print. Think garden party prints, punchy pastels, and slide-on easy shoes.”

Caroline’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trend: Garden-Party Prints

“When it comes to this season, I’m all about garden party prints, particularly for dresses and tops,” Maguire shares. “This trend is cheerful, versatile, and perfect for any climate! Here in NYC, it’s still cold, so it’s all about layering your look to stay warm — I love a thin turtleneck under a dress like this Kika Vargas Zaha Dress.”

Danielle Williams Eke, Design Director, 11 Honoré

“As a consumer, I think trends are still important, but as a designer, I’m less convinced of the importance of trend in the traditional sense,” 11 Honoré’s Danielle Williams Eke tells TZR. “I find more consumers are looking to street style via Instagram and Pinterest to understand current trends vs. the runway,” Williams Eke continues. Adding, “It seems to me, the fashion pyramid has shifted where the fashion houses are looking to the streets as much as the streets are looking to the fashion houses. Yes, trends are still important, but I think those who create trends have evolved.”

Danielle’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trend: Revamped Tie-Dye

“My must-have Spring/Summer 21 trend is tie-dye. While this isn’t the most revolutionary trend, there has been an evolution in the techniques applied to a variety of silhouettes, from classic sweatshirts to twill cargo pants,” Williams Eke explains. “It’s a fun way to elevate classic pieces. I would pair this sweatshirt back to the matching sweatpants for a bold look or layer it over a satin slip skirt, with a moto jacket and trainers for a cute ‘athluxury’ look.”

Kate Bellman, Managing Editor at Nordstrom

“In the past, when forecasting trends we used a series of references that would guide in predicting and informing the big trends for the season,” Nordstrom’s Kate Bellman shares. “Designer Runway and Editorial used to be at the top of that list. In time, it evolved to the influence of street style, when what was happening outside of the shows was as influential as what was walking the runway. Within the past few years, social media has become an added source to inform and influence trends. These days, while all of those reference points are still important in inspiring fashion trends, the customer mindset and lifestyle have a tremendous impact on the current cycle and how people are shopping.”

Bellman continues, “Customers are interested in knowing the trends for the season, but they want to flex and wear them in a way that best supports their lifestyle. For instance, a few seasons ago, we saw a return to minimalism on the runway with polished pieces and soft tailoring. Through the pandemic and people shifting toward a work-from-home routine, the essence of the trend remains, but customers have adopted it through more effortless pieces that work for their new every day. Elevated essentials, such as the classic white shirt and a luxe cashmere sweater, allow us to feel polished and relevant in our home office, but still casual with cozy knitted pants. So while trends do still serve a major purpose in informing the seasonal narrative, it’s the way customers are flexing and interpreting them that shape how they come to life.”

Kate’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trend: Romance

“I personally love the romantic trend this season, which is all about billowing sleeves, voluminous silhouettes, new neckline details, and made-to-be-seen floral prints,” Bellan shares. “I think it’s so easy to adapt based on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling any given day. For an important work virtual meeting, I can wear a dramatic floral print with statement sleeves and a bold lip with joggers on the bottom, and the soft, voluminous dress (with slippers, of course!), is a pretty effortless piece for sitting in front of a computer all day. If venturing out, the statement tops pair back so perfectly to straight-leg denim. While the dresses work equally well with a tough lug combat boot or a soft, pretty flat, depending on your mood. I appreciate the joy that the pop of print and color add to spruce up my day!”

Dione Davis, Styling Director at Tibi

“We’re all collectively having a shared experience filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Designers are choosing to respond to this by taking a step back and reevaluating the chaotic trend cycle as a whole and how it relates to this desire to create so many collections a year,” Tibi’s Dione Davis tells TZR. “Now more than ever, consumers are focusing on their foundational wardrobe first and carefully planning how trends will fold into that wardrobe for when life finally returns. This level of care is much needed to curb the overproduction that the industry has been contributing to for such a long time. Trends should be worn responsibly and consumed that way, too.”

Davis adds, “In my opinion, trends are nothing without personal style. A good trend helps you build on your existing wardrobe. A great trend answers the questions you haven’t even asked yet. In my eyes, they are still important as they offer a shred of much-needed optimism that we will return to a somewhat normal state.”

Dione’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trend: Midriff Floss

“My must-have spring 2021 trend is midriff floss,” Davis shares. “I’m very drawn to this idea because it is accessible at every level. You can purchase a top with built-in body flossing and wear it underneath a casual suit for an elevated update. If you go the skirt route, tuck in sweatshirts, tees, or classic button-downs into the skirt to highlight the floss detail. I’m also obsessed with doing a DIY version of this and using chains and skinny belts to execute this trend.”

Suzanne Pendlebury, Head of Womenswear at MATCHESFASHION

“We have always been focused on the lifestyle of our customer, considering our woman, what she is doing and what will empower her,” MATCHESFASHION’s Suzanne Pendlebury tells TZR. “Whether she’s working or relaxing at home, spending time in the great outdoors enjoying nature or working out, or hosting intimate gatherings in her garden. This past year it felt more relevant than ever to understand and adapt to her present circumstances.”

Suzanne’s Favorite Spring 2021 Trends: Wardrobe Classics & Joyful Fashion

“In reflection of the new way in which we are living, our everyday uniform has evolved towards a more relaxed, modern way of dressing,” Pendlebury says of her top spring trend. “We launched our Wardrobe Foundations Edit in January so that our customer could easily curate their essential wardrobe. From a pair of Toteme leggings to the perfect fitting jeans from Raey or a classic Wardrobe NYC trench, the edit is a place to find all the key investment items to build your forever wardrobe.”

Another drift the MATCHESFASHION womenswear head favors: joyful fashion. “There was a real sense of optimism in the Spring/Summer 2021 collections with everyday pieces from jeans to sleepwear uplifted by designers experimenting with bold colors and prints,” she explains. “Given the current climate, it’s important to remember fashion is a great way to lift the spirits and bring joy. A few highlights being the floral denim at Molly Goddard and rainbow knitwear at Elder Statesman.”