5 Ways To Reinvent Tie-Dye Loungewear In 2021


Unforeseen fashion trends percolate every season, but in 2020, things took a sharp turn for the cozy. Tie-dye loungewear became a unanimous favorite for shaking up everyone’s comfy-chic game. Now, with heaps of swirly tees, joggers, sweatshirts, and matching sets filling many a wardrobe, the luster might be wearing off. Rather than succumb to tie-dye fatigue or hastily donate the marbled pieces that once brightened your day, consider re-jigging your go-to outfit combos to breathe new life into the loungewear trend that’s all but dissipating in 2021.

“While tie-dye loungewear definitely had its moment in 2020, it looks like it is definitely here to stay for the Spring/Summer 2021 season,” Caroline Maguire, the fashion director at Shopbop, tells TZR. “Switch it up this year by breaking up that head-to-toe tie-dye fit and incorporating some more casual pieces to downplay the bold pattern.” Whether you make the switch from rainbow tie-dye to more muted tones or opt for a dappled pattern in place of traditional swirls, new-season takes on tie-dye run the gamut, with new iterations for every taste.

Accessories are another easy way to refresh your loungewear look, which Aparna Avasarala, the founder and CEO of the hand-painted sweats brand, Denimrush recommends. “With the new year, we know people are seeking a fresh start,” she says. “Whether I’m wearing neutral or colorful tie-dye, I always accessorize big to keep the energy going in this increasingly virtual world of Zoom calls.” Another sartorial trick: thinking of your tie-dye cozies as elevated outdoor attire and not just at-home-only pieces. Approach your favorite swirled sweatshirt or pair of joggers as you might a fun top or jeans, and reach for elevated extras, like jewelry or sleek footwear, as a refined finish to each new formula.

Ahead, keep scrolling to discover five fresh ways to style tie-dye loungewear in 2021, as endorsed by fashion insiders, and shop the edit if you’re craving something new.

The Tie-Dye Loungewear Outfit: Creatively Cozy

To ease into a tie-dye loungewear switch-up, start with a long-sleeve top, and as Maguire suggests, team it with a pair of knit pants or shorts and tie-dye socks. For a cooler take, opt for a swirly tank or tee.

The Tie-Dye Loungewear Outfit: All About Accessories

To refresh the feel of a head-to-toe set, Avasarala says it’s all about the extras. “My favorite accessories to pair with tie-dye sweats are big chunky hoops, layered gold necklaces, and a flat brim hat,” the Denimrush founder shares. “It makes the comfy outfit more polished and dressed up — motivated to rock the day.”

The Tie-Dye Loungewear Outfit: Contrasting Staples

“I think tie-dye is such a fun way to brighten up any outfit, no matter who’s wearing it,” Anastasia Furrow, model and content creator, tells TZR. “A lot of us bought matching tie-dye lounge co-ords in 2020, and a great way to keep wearing them would be to break them up. I would style a tie-dye hoodie over a solid color midi or maxi dress with sneakers and some minimal gold jewelry.”

The Tie-Dye Loungewear Outfit: Cool And Casual

Another way to break up a matching set? “Throw on your go-to tie-dye sweatshirt with an easy, full skirt or denim,” Maguire says. Finish with comfy slip-on sandals and beaded bracelets for a California-cool vibe.

The Tie-Dye Loungewear Outfit: Dressed Up

For an unexpectedly polished take on sweats, influencer Kellie Brown tells TZR, “I love seeing loungewear juxtaposed with evening [attire].” Her outfit suggestion: a sheer turtleneck with a satin blazer, tie-dye joggers, and strappy heels.