3 Jewelry Brands On The Relevance of Men’s & Unisex Jewelry

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Extended sizing and a comprehensive range of skin toned-items are two ways for fashion brands to be more inclusive — whether it's swimwear, undergarments, or shoes. Another option: offering options that are not gender specific. While jewelry may traditionally be more associated with women, brands like Mejuri, Missoma, and Brilliant Earth have recently debuted men’s and gender-fluid jewelry collections to encourage a positive message around inclusivity and personal style.

Of course, men’s jewelry isn’t anything new, but how it’s worn is. Harry Styles has become synonymous with pearl earrings and necklaces. Likewise for actor Timothée Chalamet, musician Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, and the hilarious writer-filmmaker and Instagram sensation, Jordan Firstman. Sure, legends like Steven Tyler, Jay-Z, and George Michael rocked jewels long before. Still, this new-wave goes beyond diamond necklaces, signet rings, or sparkly studs. It has sparked a message around identity and acceptance for younger generations, encouraging them to dress and accessorize exactly as they want to.

“Millennials and Gen-Z’s overall have a much less binary view of sexuality and gender,” says Kathryn Money, Brilliant Earth’s SVP of merchandising and retail expansion. On Nov. 24, the brand launched its gender-fluid Mx Collection. The assortment includes thick bands, many with diamond accents, minimal rings featuring diamond center stones, and stackable designs, offered in yellow, rose, and white gold as well as platinum. “[Those generations'] openness to gender fluidity is part of what inspired us to offer extended sizing and create the Mx Collection — it’s our way of celebrating and promoting love in all its forms and recognizing those that identify as non-binary and gender non-conforming in the jewelry space.”

Marisa Hordern, founder and creative director of Missoma, tells TZR, “Our brand values center around self-expression and individuality, and men look to jewelry for the same reasons that others do — for identity and storytelling.” After fielding numerous questions about where to shop for men’s jewelry with Missoma’s ethos in mind, Hordern set out to bridge a gap in the market. “Our community kept telling us their partners were stealing their Missoma, so we had to do something about that,” she explains.

The Men’s Edit launched on Nov. 4, offering demi-fine jewelry pieces like chunky links, snake chains, and dangling hoop earrings, all of which are wearable for every day, regardless of gender. As versatile daily staples, Horden adds, “[these pieces] work with treasured pieces [one] might already own.”

Similarly, an inclusive and empowered spirit has been at the core of the buzzy brand, Mejuri, since its inception — the label recently debuted a men’s collection, including trendy gold chains and bracelets and bolder pendants and rings. Noura Sakkijha, the label’s CEO and cofounder tells TZR, “Our demographic is inherently broad. We like the idea of flipping the traditional fine jewelry narrative; women purchasing for a brother, friend, or significant other.” She adds, “We want to be a trusted resource for everyone seeking well-crafted pieces in high-quality materials for themselves or gifting for a friend.”

Though Mejuri’s men’s debut was long in the works, Sakkijha says the brand’s October 2020 launch was the right time to offer an easy-to-explore assortment of well-crafted, everyday men’s items. “This might be a man making his first foray into jewelry or an existing customer buying for a friend or partner,” she explains. “What we do know about this moment is that fashion has gone back to basics, and jewelry can be the differentiator for everybody.”

Keep scrolling for more on how these three brands are continuing to evolve their jewelry offerings, and shop the edit if you’re craving something new.

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Men’s And Unisex Jewelry: Brilliant Earth

Though Brilliant Earth’s Mx Collection just launched, Money says the brand will continue to listen to customers and strive to provide them with options that reflect their own distinctive styles going into 2021. “Younger generations have proven they’re capable of inspiring cultural shifts in our communities, and we anticipate this will only gain momentum in the years ahead,” she says.

Money notes how Millennials and Gen-Zers are more comfortable making their own rules and breaking barriers with how they choose to express their identity and relationships, which extends to their individual style. “We’re excited to see how customers wear our products for special occasions and everyday wear!”

Men’s And Unisex Jewelry: Missoma

Since designing a small extension of the Lucy Williams x Missoma collaboration for men back in 2017, Horden said she knew 2020 was the year to take Missoma’s inclusivity message further. “Personal identity endures, and even more when the world around you doesn’t quite make sense,” the founder explains.

There’s more to come in 2021, too. “We have big plans to take Missoma’s key message of individuality further with greater emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, along with some boundary-breaking campaigns and partnerships that revolve around gender fluidity,” Horden adds.

Men’s And Unisex Jewelry: Mejuri

Sakkijha says, “When it comes to jewelry and style, there are no boundaries — our pieces are designed to layer and mix across all of our categories,” highlighting Mejuri’s Flat Curb Collection as some of her favorites for anyone to wear. Going into 2021, she adds, “We look forward to continuing to evolve our assortment and introduce new styles and extended sizing to ensure there is something in the collection for everyone.”

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