Did Zendaya Just Casually Debut The Chicest Bob Of All Time?

Jaw. Dropping.

Donato Sardella/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 25: Zendaya attends the SAINT LAURENT Pre-Oscars Event Hosted By Ant...

If you want to be technical about it, Zendaya was born in Oakland, CA to two American parents. But spiritually, Zendaya is the quintessential French girl — birth certificates need not factor. Fans have watched the Emmy-winning star effortlessly exhibit that French-girl flair through sophisticated outfit choices, artful makeup, and even her red carpet moments — she even attended one Met Gala dressed as Joan of Arc. Her latest move? Cutting her hair (again!) for her shortest style in years. Zendaya’s jaw-length bob, accented by her impossibly lush curls and honey-brown hair color, might just be her ultimate look yet. While there aren’t too many photos of the just-cut new style yet, what can be seen is enough to make even those my-hair-is-my-security-blanket types rush to the salon for a copycat chop of their own.

Zendaya’s chic new haircut was spotted on the set of her latest project, Luca Guadagnino’s Travelers, a tennis drama that just began filming in Boston. Clutching a matcha latte (her somewhat iconic signature beverage), she’s fresh-faced and bundled up against the lingering New England chill. Her just-cut curls skim the bottom of her defined jaw for a silhouette that’s at once refined yet undeniably youthful.

What’s interesting is that Zendaya seems to keep trimming her hair shorter and shorter in pretty quick succession. In mid-December 2021, she went for a dramatic cut that took her hair from elbow-length to a (truly excellent) red lob. Most of her subsequent high-profile events featured her hair in updos, but she seems to be opting for even closer cuts as the year progresses. Since this latest haircut’s debut, adoring fans of Zendaya and Holland have been assembling cute photo collages pointing out the couple’s aesthetic and personality similarities, which appear to only grow the longer they’re together — just watch this video and try to say they aren’t straight-up soulmates.

Just last week, while paling around Boston together, eagle-eyed Instagram users spotted them in the same pair of trousers. And today, the split-screen photos comparing their not-dissimilar curls are dominating social media feeds. Whatever the reason for Zendaya’s new look, it’s a flawless one — pray for tons of high-def red carpet photos soon.