Do Blondes Have More Fun? Zendaya Is Finding Out Firsthand

Her new color is stunning.

Zendaya long curly hair

Have you ever noticed that so many of Zendaya’s coolest hair transformations are pegged to new acting projects? When she was promoting the first installment in the Dune franchise, it was all about a futuristic faux pixie, with extra-long curls for the sequel. While working on the Spider-Man series, she was done up in long, glossy braids, and Euphoria season two saw her with clip-in bangs and a bouncy lob. Ever the entertainer, she’s naturally keeping it up for her latest film, Challengers. At the movie’s premiere, Zendaya’s dark blonde hair color made as big of a splash as the actual screening, marking an entirely new aesthetic era for the megastar. And unlike so many of those previous headline-making hair moments, this one sure seems here to stay.

Zendaya gave fans zero warning that she was about to upend their whole world when she turned up at the Challengers Australian debut in the warm, golden-blonde hair color complete with an elegant, bang-accented updo and a shimmery seafoam dress emblazoned with tennis motifs like balls and rackets.

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James Gourley/Getty Images

Not only is the shade more than stunning against her skin tone, but it’s right on the money as far as seasonal trends go. She paired the new color with jade-green eye makeup to match her dress, completing the spring-fresh effect. While Zendaya always loves to shake things up — often cycling through radically different looks in the same month — this hair looks like it’s sticking around for a while. In a brief interview with ELLE Australia posted to TikTok, Zendaya was asked if it’s true blondes have more fun. “We’re about to find out, honey,” Zendaya replied, laughing. “We just got started so I’ll let you know!”

Darker, more natural-looking shades of blonde — like Zendaya’s radiant honey color — are undoubtedly having a moment. Angelina Jolie just made the gradual journey to a reflective gold, and Zendaya’s Euphoria co-star Maude Apatow just transitioned to a medium-toned blonde with brighter face-framing pieces at the tail end of last year.

Considering Zendaya’s larger-than-life scope of influence, don’t be surprised in the trend just gets bigger and bigger — and blonder.