Wine-Infused Coffee Now Exists For Those Times When You Can’t Even

You know those days (cough, Monday through Friday, cough) when you just can’t deal, and you don’t know if you need coffee or wine to make it through the day? Same. Molinari Private Reserve feels our pain and has come to the rescue—kinda. They’ve created a wine-infused coffee that sounds like the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard of until you read this sentence on the website: “The result is an (alcohol-free) rich full-bodied coffee with a blueberry note.” The fact that it’s non-alcoholic slightly diminishes the appeal, but we’re still open to trying it.

The coffee took two and a half years to perfect, which seems like a long time to spend on something that has wine in the name but doesn’t have an ABV percentage, but okay. Basically they dry the coffee beans, rehydrate them with house red wine and then roast them to give the coffee the essence of wine. According to the brand’s site, if you add milk the wine flavor becomes more pronounced, and if you make it in a French press the blueberry notes really shine.

Currently, you can buy the (non-alcoholic) wine-infused coffee on the brand’s site for $20 and at select coffee shops and wineries in Napa Valley. Hey, we’ll take any excuse to go to wine country.