Rosé Ice Cream Is Here To Make All Your Summer Dreams Come True

If you thought we’d already hit peak rosé, you’d be oh-so wrong—because now rosé ice cream is a thing: And it looks absolutely delicious. California-based creamery Smitten Ice Cream is whipping up a flavor called Sonoma Rosé that’s made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. To make this beautiful gift to womankind, Smitten infused its ice cream base with Scribe Winery’s Una Lou Rosé. (We’d be lying if we said that sentence didn’t make us go weak in the knees.)

Now for the bad news: Currently this limited-edition seasonal flavor is only available at Smitten’s shop in San Francisco, and at Petite Marlow, a just-opened restaurant in SF that helped bring us this magical creation. Fingers crossed it’ll be made available nationwide, but in the meantime we’re planning our road trip to San Francisco and stocking up on ice chests.