Princess Diaries 3 Is Written And Our ’90s Selves Can’t Even Handle It

Calling all ’90s girls: Princess Diaries 3 is written and we’re hoping it’s everything our adolescent selves are longing for. Because really, who didn’t want to be Princess Mia Thermopolis 16 years ago? From the mattress surfing to the incredible transformation of Anne Hathaway into a princess, there’s so much we remember about the original film and its sequel. Of course, these were scenes from the films directed by the late Garry Marshall, but there’s hope that the original cast may be up to reprise their original roles. Just last year, our favorite fictional Queen grandmother, Julie Andrews, told Buzzfeed, “I think we might do it in honor of him…Annie had an idea that she wanted to pursue about it, and I’m all for it, so if she’d like to.” This all comes as Meg Cabot, who wrote the young adult novels the films are based off of, told Entertainment Weekly that there’s definitely an interest in moving forward as a tribute to the late director because a script does indeed exist. Squeal! Until we hear more details, here’s hoping this extra dose of nostalgia will gets us through until the film’s much-anticipated premiere.

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