Here’s How Much Your Favorite Fictional Homes Would Cost IRL

It’s funny how we can suspend our disbelief when watching a show about dragons or people with superpowers—but heaven forbid a character lives in a home they couldn’t afford in a non-fictional world. (It’s almost as bad as an ill-timed Ed Sheeran cameo.) Like, we’re so sure a columnist could afford Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. So, if you couldn’t help but wonder how much the homes in your favorite shows and movies would cost IRL, you’re in luck. Buzzfeed—with the help of—put together a list detailing the actual cost of these fictional homes. Here, our favorites.


Carrie's Apartment On Sex And The City

Cost: $9.85 million


Carrie And Big's Apartment In The Sex And The City Movie

Cost: $40 to 50 million


The Model Home In Arrested Development

Cost: $2,470 per month


Kimmy's Apartment In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Cost: $475 per month


Edward's Suite In Pretty Woman

Cost: $38,500 per week


Joyce And Will's House In Stranger Things

Cost: $767 per month

New Line Cinema

Noah's House In The Notebook

Cost: $12,000 per month