If You Aren’t Watching Outlander, You’re Seriously Missing Out

If you think you would enjoy watching two excruciatingly attractive people with soul-consuming chemistry fall in love—which is to say, if you’re a human being who lives on the planet Earth—then you’ll like Outlander. It’s a time-traveling historical fantasy romance drama, and yet it’s also so much more than that.

Here, five reasons you need to watch Outlander immediately.


1. It's A Historical Fantasy With Time Travel And Romance

Claire, our brave-yet-flawed heroine, is transported back in time to Scotland in the 1700s via a magical rock formation (it's a whole thing, and it's not cheesy at all we promise). This happens while she's on her second honeymoon with her husband. (Awkward.)

In 1700s Scotland she meets Jamie, a super-hot warrior. Sexy times may or may not commence. Oh, and there's a war going on that Claire knows doesn't end well for the Scottish (thanks to her being from the future).

Cue the (historically pretty accurate) drama.


2. The Aforementioned Chemistry Is Insane

Think pieces have been written across the interwebs about the chemistry between Claire and Jamie, our star-crossed lovers played by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. So we just have two words to add: Oh, my. (See also: cold shower.)

And don't even get us started on Jamie's accent.


3. The Bums

Look out, Jon Snow. There are a lot of great bums on this show—and it's one of the few that features relatively equal amounts of female and male nudity. Also, the nudity doesn't feel gratuitous. Also, also, the aforementioned sizzling chemistry makes for some very—how to put this?—sensual scenes. Hashtag feminism (and bums).

(Side note: The image search for this was particularly fun slash dangerous on a work computer.)


4. Claire Is A Badass

Claire may be marooned in Scotland in the 1700s, but she's not going to let backward notions about women change her. She's fierce, brave, intelligent and flawed—a relatable, complex hero if we ever saw one.


5. The Writing Is Smart, And The Characters Are Complex

If you're still on the fence about the time travel aspect, just give it an episode or two. The way the fantasy is woven into the show, combined with the nuanced characters who inhabit its world, make it far removed from hokey.