Apparently, Women Named This Are More Likely To Get Pregnant Next Year

Today in things that exist solely to distract you from getting actual work done: Apparently if your name is Jessica and you live in the United States, you’re probably going to get pregnant next year. Don’t worry Jessica, this isn’t part of some weird government experiment or anything. Inspired by (mocking?) findings in a UK publication, The Cut discovered that the average age a woman in the US is a first-time mom is 28. Then, they looked up the most popular girls’ names from 1990 (2018 minus 28). Voilà—a list of people who are likely to get pregnant. Yes, some mental gymnastics are required to get to this very scientific conclusion. Yes, it’s silly. But, we also definitely wanted to know. Here’s the list:

1. Jessica 2. Ashley 3. Brittany 4. Amanda 5. Samantha 6. Sarah 7. Stephanie 8. Jennifer 9. Elizabeth 10. Lauren 11. Megan 12. Emily 13. Nicole 14. Kayla 15. Amber 16. Rachel 17. Courtney 18. Danielle 19. Heather 20. Melissa

It’s clickbait’s world, we’re just living in it. Also, very surprised only one “K” name made the list.