Victoria Beckham’s Atypical Coffee Table Is So Glam

Vintage-modern vibes.

victoria beckham coffee table
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It’s rare that we’re given a BTS shot of the Beckham’s Cotswolds farmhouse, so when Victoria or David do indulge the public, we’re at full attention. From the rustic kitchen complete with open shelving to the exposed stone walls, this sprawling estate is a true feast for the eyes. Even the tiny decor details are a point of fascination, as they all fit perfectly into the vintage English cottage vibe the Beckhams are clearly going for in their country abode. Most recently, Victoria revealed yet another piece of the puzzle when she posted an IG video of her hubby hanging out in their living room. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment, the panned shot captures a large tufted, rust-colored ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table. The elegant vintage-inspired piece is grounded by a wooden basket tray set atop to hold various accoutrements like throw blankets, remote controls, and such.

The rich velvet material adds a touch of luxury and contrast to an otherwise earthy space, which includes the aforementioned stone walls, patina-covered fireplace, and high-beamed wood ceilings. The statement piece is elegant but not overtly so that it feels out of place.


Considering we’re currently knee-deep in the Western, ranch-inspired aesthetic era (thank you, Beyoncé), this tiny decor tip is great way to elevate the look in the home. Take another page from the Beckham’s book and work in some neutral, rounded furniture to modernize the space a bit. No, these pieces will not transport you to a Cotswolds farmhouse or David’s covetable Estonian sauna, but they will definitely give your space some vintage-modern flair. We’ll take it.

Shop the stunning ottomans below and start working on your best British accent to better channel the fabulous Beckham clan.