Even Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian Are On Board With The Indoor-Outdoor Decor Trend

And they nail it.

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Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram
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When TZR reached out to interior designers this spring to get their take on the biggest outdoor furniture trends for 2022, there was a clear consensus: Indoor-outdoor spaces will continue to reign supreme. “We are creating more outdoor living rooms and dining rooms that really blur the lines and carry the interior style to the exterior spaces,” Jeremy Graef, principal of Connate Design, shared. There are examples of this everywhere, from the year’s best new collections to top designers’ latest projects. But there’s perhaps no better proof of the movement’s ubiquitousness than the fact that the indoor-outdoor trend is a major component of — wait for it — Travis Barker’s home with wife Kourtney Kardashian.

Hear us out. The Blink-182 drummer revealed his modern Calabasas escape in an Architectural Digest feature and video on May 19 with Kardashian, whom he recently married. During the tour, he showed off the many spacious, tranquil rooms that make up the Waldo Fernandez-designed space. But the shining glory of it all? The “outdoor-indoor living area,” as Barker calls it.

While you may not expect to see such a serenely beautiful example of this type of spot from a rockstar, Barker’s here to surprise you. In fact, the large, covered space is an oasis of calm; it features sleek teak dining and lounge furniture, a massive black fireplace, and a white outdoor kitchen that perfectly mirrors his indoor cooking space. Large plants are scattered throughout.

Barker clearly agrees that it’s a well-designed area, because he lists several activities that he frequently carries out there. Along with spending one-on-one time with his dogs, he uses it to relax by the fireplace, cook vegan hotdogs and burgers, and eat as a family. In fact, he loves it so much he continues to come back even after a terrifying encounter with a tarantula — a true testament to its beauty and comfort.

You may not be able to recreate the outdoor living area of such a famous couple — after all, there’s no telling just how high the budget was for this project. That said, there are a few details you can take away from the home to implant into your own. The musician followed the advice that many designers shared with TZR on executing this trend by including furniture that’s as comfortable and stylish as what you’d typically find indoors. Additionally, Barker kept the area covered, so it feels like a true hybrid of spaces. Finally, he didn’t skimp on decor; there’s greenery, thoughtful hardware, and plush cushions to round out the look.


If you’re feeling inspired, no one can blame you. Get started on your own indoor-outdoor space à la Barker and Kardashian with the TZR-approved products, ahead.

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