Tinashe’s Punk-Rock Shaggy Bangs Prove The Fringe Trend Is Anything But Boring



If you thought cutting traditional bangs was a daring move, wait until you see Tinashe’s new hairstyle. This week, the singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform music from her new album, 333, and her on-stage look channeled major punk-rock vibes — her half-bleached, shaggy bangs, in particular. She gave fans an up-close look of the hair via a series of Instagram photos and needless to say, it got them talking.

“Oh this is a serve,” one follower commented. “Stunning and creative,” said another. Tinashe served up Hot Topic realness with fishnets, knee-high boots, fingerless gloves, and a leather harness — and these were arguably the least dramatic elements of the look. The real star of the show was her long, pin-straight black hair, with bleached blonde roots and piece-y, overgrown bangs that fell below her nose. Though a good portion of her face was obstructed by the statement hair look, you can still detect the singer’s bold eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow peeking through, with a matte pink lipstick shade pulling it all together.

It’s not clear who’s responsible for Tinashe’s hairstyle, but seeing as she was rocking extra-long braids just a day later, it’s probably safe to assume that the shaggy bangs were attached to a wig.

It’s no secret that bangs are a massive trend this spring, and there seems to be no shortage of creative ways to approach the look. The long-reigning curtain bangs trend still remains popular, with a slew of other styles joining the ranks. Earlier this year, Dakota Johnson updated her trademark curtain bangs look by introducing bottleneck bangs, a slightly swoopier version that, you guessed it, mimics the shape of a bottleneck.

Other spring bangs trends include baby bangs, braided bangs, and half moon bangs, which are face-framing and cut in an arched shape with the center pieces skimming your eyebrows. If you don’t want to fully commit bangs, you can try out Kourtney Kardashian’s recent side bangs, a genius hack that mimics the look of bangs using a simple side part — or trust ‘ole clip in bangs.

Tinashe’s shaggy bangs might not be the most practical (how could she see where she was going?), but it certainly further proves that bangs trends are only going to get more inventive from here on out.