Prepare To Be Inspired By Tia Mowry’s Best-Ever Hair Moments

They’re all so different.

Tia Mowry long braids

Who needs Pinterest and TikTok when you could just head over to Tia Mowry’s Instagram for a daily dose of beauty inspiration? It’s actually pretty remarkable, but somehow, the star seems to show off several fresh looks every single week, each one better and more creative than the last. As such, trying to round up Mowry’s best-ever hairstyles into one single list is a rather daunting task. When she so effortlessly serves up chic protective styles, elaborate updos, and curl-glorifying looks alike, how does one even know where to start?

For guide to Mowry’s top hair moments, the approach is simple: gather up the most varied options in the actor’s vast repertoire, with a little something for all sorts of lengths, colors, textures, and aesthetics. She has so many options to choose from, so it wasn’t a particularly hard task — and that creative range is part of why her hair care line, 4U By Tia, is such a best-selling hit. With a new season just around the corner, explore some of her coolest-ever looks. Regardless of if you like to keep things simple and natural or intricate and bespoke, there’s a Mowry-approved style waiting to be recreated at home.

Just below, prepare for some serious style inspiration courtesy of Tia Mowry’s best hair moments of all time.

Bubble Braids


There are hair accessories, then there’s hair that’s an accessory. Mowry added flair to her top knot by adding a series of bubble braids down one side her head, alternating a traditional plait with big, voluminous poufs.

Bantu Knot Halo


Bantu knots looks incredible when twisted all over the head, but they also make a fantastic addition to free-flowing curls. For a big night out, Mowry added just a few knots arcing across her head, like a halo encircling her bouncy spirals.

Golden Blonde Curls


There’s so much to love about this particular Mowry look — there’s the stunning volume, the enviable texture, and the buttery blonde highlights that add dimension to the all-over golden color. Combine that with her immaculately-placed edges, and it becomes of of her coolest-ever looks.

Pigtail Twists


Mowry loves an extreme length moment — who doesn’t, really? This time around, she combined two beloved styles, a two-strand twist and classic pigtails, to create something totally distinct and special.

Glossy Jumbo Braids


Sometimes the simplest looks make the most major statements. Mowry’s jumbo-sized braids are just stunning. Their glossy finish and extra-long length — not to mention the way they complement her smoky eye makeup — make this style unmatched.

Braid-Accented Ponytail


What would be a wedding guest-worthy hairstyle for most is just a cozy day look for Mowry. While lounging around and getting some rest, her high-hoisted ponytail — accented by a tight, shiny French braid on either side — adds some casual glamour.

Curly Space Buns


She’s worn space buns and puffs several different ways over the years, but this version looks particularly adorable perched above Mowry’s visibly healthy natural curls. They’re the cutest alternative to a classic half-up style.

Bold, Blonde Bangs


Ringing in the holiday season with a textured lob, a golden blonde hair color, and long, lash-skimming fringe — not to mention the festive cocktail — Mowry ended the year with a serious (and literal) bang.

Jewel-Covered Rope Braid


Have you ever seen a more decadent look? With strands of jeweled pearls interwoven with her long, thick braids, Mowry makes her even simple yet sophisticated turtleneck look event-ready.

Classic Top Knot


Curly bangs are already one of the best haircuts out there, but they add even more charm to an updo like this rounded top knot. Excellent for days out and relaxed nights in alike, it’s one of Mowry’s go-to looks for a reason.