You Can Now Meditate With SZA — Virtually, That Is

Time to unwind.

SZA meditation

Celebrities — despite the levels of success they’ve achieved — often deal with the same mental health struggles as everyone else. Thankfully, many of them have been using their platforms to inform fans and followers, who might also be grappling with feelings of stress and anxiety, that they are not alone and some tips that may offer some relief. Case in point: SZA’s guided meditation.

If you follow the Grammy-nominated artist on social media or have dug into her introspective lyrics, you know that she’s never been afraid to share her emotional state of mind. In fact, in support of her latest single “Good Days” (which recently went platinum), the singer created a hotline for her fans called the GOODLINE. It is a place to vent, but also includes additional resources for callers, including a guided meditation. And now, she’s shared the entire five-minute-long audio to her Instagram, so even if you get a busy signal on the hotline, you can still participate in the practice.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve tried meditation before, you can easily follow along to this session, guided by SZA’s voice offering positive affirmations (like “May I be filled with loving kindness” and “I am whole. Just as I am.”) and messages of gratitude and self-love in addition to soothing sounds of chimes and sound bowls. You can do it at your desk or in the car, and if you’ve already carved out your very own meditation nook (think cushions and crystals), even better.

SZA’s offering is just the latest example of celebrities sharing their mental health and self-care practices (see Lizzo and Alicia Keys) — and she’s not alone in being open about her use of meditation. Especially over the course of the tumultuous last year, more and more people are turning to the age-old practice to help cope with feelings of anxiety and achieve a sense of being grounded. But if you still need some incentive to try it, being able to zen out to the artist’s melodic voice and general good vibes certainly might make it seem a lot more accessible.