The Next Time You Wear Glitter, Try Sydney Sweeney’s Makeup Method

It’s everything.

Sydney Sweeney white eyeliner

‘Tis the season to hit the movie theater, but what’s out right now? If concert films, Willy Wonka revivals, and 19th century-era biopics aren’t your speed, there’s still some cinematic saving grace. With the big-screen debut of Anyone But You, Sydney Sweeney is here to help revive the rom-com genre and ignite the season’s prettiest makeup trend all at the same time. At the Dec. 11 premiere in New York City, Sweeney’s shimmery eyeshadow made just as much noise as her crystal-covered Miu Miu gown. The scattered, silvery glitter come to life with the help of photographers’ flashbulbs, revealing a finish so glistening, it almost nearly wet on her eyelids.

Sweeney’s entire look takes a soft, subtly sparkly approach from head to toe, including her shiny, tendril-accented updo and luminous skin. Not only do these beauty choices suit her dress, itself seemingly created with the intent of simulating water droplets with dangling pear-shaped jewels, but it feels especially relevant this time of year. For years now, glitter’s reigned supreme as the holiday makeup look of choice — this gentler take is much more in line with the 2020s’ version of fun, festive beauty, which favors a low-key, individually-tailored approach to all things sparkle.

John Lamparski/WireImage/Getty Images

Surely so much of Sweeney’s consistently killer red carpet moments comes down to her tight-knit relationship with makeup artist Melissa Hernandez and hairstylist Glen Oropeza. The trio have worked together for years now, making their creative flow a totally seamless one. Hernandez shared some close-up shots of Sweeney’s shimmery makeup, in which you can fully appreciate the attention to detail. After prepping the star’s skin with Laneige products (Sweeney is a brand ambassador), it looks like Hernandez carefully dusted on the lid glitter, further illuminating the eye area with a pop of celestial highlighter in her inner corners. A razor-thin strip of eyeliner and a nearly imperceptible cat-eye flick help define the whole thing.

If Sweeney’s premiere makeup looks familiar, turn your attention back to TikTok. All winter long, users have been hyping up similar, winter-friendly looks online, drawn to the effortless elegance of frosty, pearlescent finishes and delicate glitter application.

Trust Sweeney to be already tapped in to the trend — she’s always ahead of the curve.