Sydney Sweeney's Skin Care Routine Is Low-Key & So Relatable

Easy does it.

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sydney sweeney beauty routine
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For anyone who’s seen the now-famous Euphoria season 2 scene of Cassie doing her manic, extensive 4 a.m. skin care routine, you should know Sydney Sweeney’s approach is the polar opposite of her character. Instead of following the latest TikTok fad and stocking up on viral products, the Anyone But You star’s lineup is simple yet efficacious. An easy achievement when you’re the face of K-beauty skin care brand, Laneige with an assortment of products at your disposal.

“At night, I always double cleanse because all of the elements of the environment are on your skin, you touch your face during the day, and you need to take your makeup off as well, she tells TZR. I’ll use a milky cleanser followed by the Water Bank Cleansing Foam. Because my skin is dry and needs some extra plumping, I just switched over from the original Water Sleeping Mask to the new Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask. I’ve been really loving it.”

While Sydney loves to experiment with various makeup looks for red carpet events and appearances based on “the vibe of her outfit”, she’s also minimalist with her makeup on her off days. “My makeup artist [Melissa Hernandez] has so many incredible tricks of the trade that I’m still trying to figure out, but I’m pretty simple when I’m doing my own makeup.” Her two must-haves are Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk Concealer for perfecting any spots and Luminous Silk Glow Blush. “I’m obsessed with blush,” she adds.


An occupational hazard, Sweeney says her hair goes through the wringer with heat-styling on sets and for shoots, so she’s extra gentle with it on her off days. “No heat, no blow-drying, and no using rubber bands to put it up,” the actor says of her personal hair care rules. “I’ll put Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime L'Huile Original Hair Oil through my ends because they’re so split from bleaching it.”

Ahead, the core skin care, makeup, and hair care products in Sweeney’s everyday beauty routine.

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