Sophie Turner’s Hair Looks Completely Different In Every Scene Of Her New TV Show

The power of an amazing wig.

Sophie Turner blonde hair

Sophie Turner proved she could master any hair color and style in her very first breakout role. She was required to take her naturally blonde waves to a bright, fiery red and a dark, near-black shade for Game Of Thrones, and she hasn’t stopped trying new things since. But even with an already-stacked aesthetic resume, her latest project takes the concept to an entirely different level. In her new CW series, Joan, her titular character takes on a series of transformative disguises that include significant hair changes. Turner wears a blunt bob in her usual buttery blonde, a feathered brunette wig, a crimped ombré look, and a short, very dark cut that lands just below her chin. In every scene shown in the fast-paced trailer, Turner looks entirely different — which is really the entire point of the show.

In the highly-anticipated six-part series, airing this October in the U.S., Turner portrays real-life criminal mastermind Joan Hannington, a notorious jewel thief who pulled off some of Britain’s all-time biggest heists. Set in the 1980s, the series tracks Hannington’s descent from ordinary housewife into an underworld of London law-breakers. In the teaser trailer, Turner’s disguises track with the decade, featuring some of the ‘80’s most instantly-recognizable styles.

The trailer clips showcase a few extreme departures from Turner’s everyday style — including the distinctly ‘80s feathered bangs and a straight-from-a-costume-party crimped moment — but most of the hair changes featured actually look pretty at-home on the star. The bobbed cuts specifically feel very much in her aesthetic wheelhouse, including a classic, rounded take that includes a set of side-swept bangs. There’s even a redhead wig moment for those who miss her one-time signature shade.

Turner herself has worn her hair on the shorter in real life a few times over the years, but hasn’t actually gone for the full, shoulder-clearing bob. Based on how excellent these high-quality wigs look on her, though, maybe it’s something she should consider trying at some point in the future.

If the trailer is any indication, Turner’s new show will give fans plenty to discuss this fall — plot line and beauty looks included.