Selena Gomez Got Back To Her Disney Channel Roots With This Major Haircut

Just a wave of the wand.

Selena Gomez long bob

Even looking at Selena Gomez’s stuffed schedule is enough to stress even the busiest, most organized person out there. It’s kind of remarkable how she manages to hold down so many demanding jobs all at the same time. In between filming for her HBO cooking program, recording music, and promoting the new season of her Hulu series, Gomez has been hard at work on the adult-ifed reboot of Disney Channel’s Wizards Of Waverly Place — and debuting a cool new look at the same time. In promotional images for the show, Gomez’s long bangs are more than just a transformative cut for the star. They’re also a smart, nostalgic choice that’ll take longtime fans straight back to the original show’s heyday.

In the photos, which were shared to co-star David Henrie’s Instagram, Gomez is seen with long, wispy bangs, a crushed velvet cloak, and bright lilac nails — all very much aligned with what her character wore through the show’s initial run from 2007-2012. Gomez had a similar set of bangs throughout much of the series, becoming something of a signature for a stretch of time. The idea to bring them back to connect the show’s two iterations — and act as a link through the narrative’s multi-year time jump — is a brilliant one.

What is a mystery, though, is if Gomez really committed to a full-fledged cut or just decided to go the clip-in route for filming days. She’s known for her ever-changing hair, but she’s also gone for a real-deal fringe a few times over the past few years. In February 2024, Gomez seemed to confirm that filming had either just ended or was about to begin in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “It’s going to be really fun, and I was excited to bring the characters back,” she shared. Earlier that month, she appeared at the premiere of Lola, the Nicola Peltz Beckham-directed film, with long, thick bangs, too.

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

By the end of the month, however, the fringe was long gone. Was it simply swept up and incorporated into her hairstyles, or was it faux to begin with? Regardless, every time she wears the look, she inspires a whole new wave of fans to ask themselves if they, too, should get bangs.