Selena Gomez Is Ushering In The Holiday Season With A Classic Manicure

‘Tis the season.

selena gomez smoky eye makeup
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There’s a downside to the wild, wild west of TikTok manicure trends. With a lightening speed algorithm, there’s an insatiable thirst for new nail art looks seemingly daily – and to be among the first to get in on them. This appetite could also have to do with the influx of food-themed looks (glazed donut or milk chocolate nails, anyone?). While some may argue the flood of designs on their FYP guarantees they’re never short of inspiration for their next set, others may find themselves feeling that a solid manicure is...boring. However, Selena Gomez’s red nails dispel this social media-fueled myth.

In lieu of hand-painted Santa hats or glitter accents, Gomez ushered in the holiday season in New York City this weekend with a glossy red manicure. The striking color is associated with festive glamour come December, but its versatility solidifies it as a year-round staple. It can be worn with a shiny or matte top coat and it complements any nail length or shape, from long stiletto to short round tips, as demonstrated by the actor-singer-beauty entrepreneur.

Given red nail polish’s status as a core staple, there are countless options to choose from when shopping for a bottle of your own. And you’ll learn quickly that not all formulas are created equal – some aren’t pigmented enough and others can go on streaky. Luckily, Gomez’s go-to manicurist, Tom Bachik, wants to save you from the trial and error. In the caption of his Instagram post showcasing the actor’s crimson nails, he shared the exact shade he used: CND’s Scarlet Letter.

For those unacquainted, CND is a pro-favorite brand used by celebrity artists like Bachik, as well as backstage at fashion weeks across the world. What makes it a top-choice is the long-wear formula: the polish promises a chip-free finish for up to seven days. A feature that no doubt comes in clutch when you’re a globe-trotting celeb like Gomez.

And with her festive manicure standing out against her all-black winter ensemble, it’s almost easy to miss the diamond-encrusted “B” ring on Gomez’s right ring finger, which may or may not be subtly hinting at her new romance with music producer Benny Blanco. What is certain is that you can enjoy a long-lasting festive red manicure this season, too. Shop the products Bachik used on Gomez, below.