Lori Harvey’s ‘90s Supermodel’ Haircut Is The Perfect New Year Hair Refresh

One word: sublime.

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Lori Harvey posing while wearing her iconic '90s haircut and a black bodycon dress

It's time to turn your full attention to Lori Harvey — that is, in the rare case you haven't already. The 25-year-old model (whose stepfather is burgeoning fashion icon Steve Harvey, FYI) is not-so-quietly amassing a major following on social media. To date, she has a whopping 4.1 million Instagram followers who engage with her top-notch content — which is primarily devoted to all things luxurious, especially fashion and beauty. But Lori Harvey's recent ‘90s haircut has yet to make it to her Instagram feed — though it did make an appearance on her story where she’s clearly enjoying life on a boat with her new chop flourishing in its natural curly state.

According to social media, the SKN by LH founder paid a visit to Los Angeles celebrity hairstylist Ray Christopher for a new year's transformation. The result? A voluminous shoulder-length bob featuring subtly flipped, bouncy layers.

Christopher said the vibe he was going for was "90s supermodel," and the finished look perfectly epitomizes that glamorous aesthetic. The hair expert shared a video to his Instagram feed of Harvey modeling her shiny, freshly blown-out strands for the camera. "Someone got a haircut ✂️," he wrote in the post's accompanying caption."Thanks for letting me plan your hair, kid."

Lori Harvey Instagram Story, January 18, 2022

Harvey is known to rock long, glossy waves (most of which are rumored to be her natural strands, possibly with occasional extensions), so this cropped look is certainly a departure from her signature. Glancing at her Instagram feed it’s clear that she loves to experiment with different colors and styles but she seems to keep curly ponytails, slick back buns, and voluminous side-parted waves constantly in her rotation — clearly she stays up to date on all the latest hair trends but her vibe still leans more towards classic than trendy and with this new supermodel bob, Harvey is definitely solidifying herself as a timeless beauty.

One thing's for sure, Harvey isn't alone in her love of the bob hairstyle. In August, Kourtney Kardashian famously debuted a short version of the style, and it's remained her signature look ever since — and it seems to have ignited a wave of celebrity haircuts (think: Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, Florence Pugh, and more.

If you've been unsure whether to go under the scissors, take this as a sign that the time is now. Not to overwhelm you with the clichéd phrase, "new year, new you," but a bold haircut might be exactly what you need to start 2022 on the right foot. After all, who doesn’t look fabulous with a bob?

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