Sadie Sink Sacrificed At *Least* A Foot Of Hair For Her Edgy New Bob

But what does it mean?

Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Sadie Sink long wavy hair at Venice Film Festival 2022

It’s the double-edged sword of being a beloved entertainer, especially one attached to a massive franchise: Fans will run with anything they perceive to be a clue, hint, or Easter egg for an upcoming project. Interestingly, though, in the case of Sadie Sink’s new, short haircut, the major makeover arrives amid otherwise suspicious circumstances. Sink’s haircut has yet to make an official public debut, but photos and videos of the short bob have been circulating on social media for a few days — even skeptics have to admit Stranger Things stans and their tireless theories might actually be onto something this time.

The acclaimed actor is practically synonymous with her long waves in her natural copper shade, which made seeing Sink with a choppy, shoulder-clearing bob all the more shocking. First, she was filmed with noticeably short hair performing alongside a friend’s band at New York’s Bowery Electric venue. Then, a flight crew snapped a selfie with Sink on the way to a work commitment in Croatia. In the photo, her hair is visibly short, with what looks like face-framing layers tapered around her cheekbones and jawline.


So a 21-year-old star got sick of her long hair and cut it off, so what? What seems like a totally benign, beginning-of-summer move to many is actually a series’ worth of possibilities to notoriously zealous Stranger Things fans. With just one season left for the beloved Netflix show, internet sleuths are trying to connect the dots on what the final episodes might hold. Here’s what worth considering about Sink’s hair. According to other cast members, filming on Stranger Things Season 5 is set to kick off in June 2023, just a few weeks away.

Sink’s favored long waves and curls for years now.Franziska Krug/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While it’s true that actors routinely wear wigs for comfort, continuity, and the freedom it grants their natural hair, it’s a little unexpected that Sink would make such a drastic change this late in the game. A time-jump story arc within the show is confirmed, and Sink’s bob looks like it could very well be from the ’90s — a clue on where the show picks up, perhaps? Only time — and more social media detective work — will tell.