Sabrina Carpenter’s Blue Prada Lipstick Is A Makeup Magic Trick

See for yourself.

Sabrina Carpenter lipstick
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Don’t even think about calling Sabrina Carpenter an overnight success story. Her latest set of singles might be her first to really dominates the charts — and the airwaves, and every bar speaker, and your brain — but she’s been grinding it out in the industry for years. Sometimes, it just takes a little while to find your signature sound, and just as critically, a trademark aesthetic. With her curled-under bangs, bright blush, and bold lip combo, her go-to makeup look is a seriously sought-after one for summer. They key, though, is in Carpenter’s lipstick — you might not believe it at first glance, though.

Carpenter’s always been been one of those celebrities who refuses to gatekeep favorite products, doing quick tutorials on TikTok and sharing shots of her backstage dressing tables on Instagram. The same goes for her latest discovery, the new Prada Moisturizing Lip Balm in Astral Pink. She was seen slicking it on in an early scene in her music video for “Please, Please, Please” (it’s the very first thing she does after getting out of jail in the storyline, actually), and she wore it again for her festival performance at Governors Ball in New York City just a few days later.

Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images

Just looking at the Prada balm, you might not clock it as Carpenter’s most reached-for shade. The bullet is a bright, icy blue, but it’s actually a color-changing formula that applies as a sweet, rosy pink shade that looks a tiny bit different on everyone’s lips depending on individual pH. She actually swatched the product in a TikTok filmed at Gov Ball, showing it on her hand and applying it herself to show the trippy transformation.

The just-released formula offers an enveloping coat of moisture, leaving behind a fresh shine and the perfect hint of color. The bullet is just as visually appealing as the shade, cut to look like the brand’s signature saffiano leather material. As an eco-friendly bonus, refills of the shade can be purchased to load into the metallic casing. The rosy pink shade paired with Carpenter’s usual mauve lip liner might just be the ultimate summer duo.

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