Rihanna’s New Bangs Are The Cutest Addition To Her Incredible Maternity Aesthetic

That Fenty fringe.

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Rihanna pregnant purple fur jacket

What’s the exact opposite of maternity leave? Even while pregnant with her second child, juggling a handful of brands, and teasing her grand return to music, Rihanna keeps firing off one recreation-worthy beauty look after another. In a just-released photoshoot for Savage x Fenty, a boyshorts-clad shows off the line’s latest lingerie — as well as one of her prettiest hairstyles of the past several years. Rihanna’s long bangs are a more classic take on straight-across fringe, expertly blending into the rest of her layered, straightened hair in the pictures shared to Instagram. Regardless of if Rihanna actually cut a pair of bangs or if she’s just playing around with fun hair pieces and wigs for a memorable advertising moment, by utilizing a few techniques beloved by her fellow A-listers, the fringe is especially sultry and very on trend.

As is often the case with bangs, so much of Rihanna’s look hinges on the length. Most straight-across cuts don’t fall far past the brows, but the shortest parts of Rih’s hit her eyelashes. The longer pieces range all fall between her temples and cheekbones for an artfully overgrown effect. The dramatic length feels editorial (perfect for her high-dollar photoshoots) but also flirtatious and alluring in the vein of false eyelashes and “siren eyes” liner.


The other standout element of Rihanna’s bangs is the tapering around her face. Called “bottlenecking”, the seamless blending offered by the technique has fans in Dakota Johnson, Lizzo, and Lily Collins alike. Of course, considering her legitimately legendary beauty icon status, bangs are an old hat for Rihanna. She’s tried every variation out there, but it’s been a minute since the last old-school horizontal fringe appearance.

Rihanna had some straight-across bangs for a Fenty fashion show afterparty in 2019.Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

In Fentyland, when it rains it pours — so don’t be shocked if Rihanna drops a few more aesthetic bombshells between now and Monday. She’s always working overtime.