Reese Witherspoon Keeps Her Wallpaper Collection Cohesive By Focusing On This One Detail

Spoiler: It involves her favorite color.

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Reese Witherspoon / Instagram
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If you’ve ever done a deep dive of Reese Witherspoon’s home decor on Instagram (what, like it’s not normal?), you know that the actor has a love of all things blue. That’s reflected in her paint, her furniture, her curtains, and her lighting. In fact, the color is so ubiquitous, it’s even the defining theme of Witherspoon’s wallpaper collection — a pretty big feat, considering how massive it appears to be.

It’s true: Based on the photos the 45-year-old posts on Instagram, she has wallpaper in the majority of rooms in her homes. And the one detail you’ll find in almost every print? Blue in some form or another. That said, Witherspoon (and surely her interior designer) manage to ensure her spaces look far from one-note. Her secret is including a range of motifs, textures, and tones, so that each choice looks like it belongs in the same house without being an identical pattern.

The proof, of course, is in the pictures; you need to see the collection to understand just how she pulls it off. So, TZR has rounded up every photo of Witherspoon’s wallpaper-clad rooms we could find on her Instagram. Continue scrolling to see them (and shop their lookalike prints), ahead.

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Navy & White Floral Wallpaper

Though Witherspoon keeps most of her spaces light and bright, that doesn’t mean she’s averse to a darker hue now and then. She went with a cozy navy wallpaper in this room, and apparently loved it so much she included a chair to match.

Intricate Turquoise & Cream Wallpaper

Once you’ve recovered from the image of Witherspoon matching with her dog, avert your eyes to the intricate turquoise print on her walls in the background. It’s a slightly unusual direction for the actor, who typically veers toward a preppier aesthetic. Yet that’s part of the reason it works: It provides an ethereal touch that’s both welcome and unexpected.

Blue Diamond Wallpaper

This diamond-print wallpaper over the mantel feels about as classic Reese as it gets. It features a baby blue hue and a grandmillennial-esque pattern, and is expertly paired with contrasting floral curtains on each side.

Blue Geometric Wallpaper

It’s safe to say this is one of Witherspoon’s more playful rooms. The entrepreneur chose an unusually geometric print for this space, making it pop with a bright blue hue and matching tasseled curtains.

Navy & Gold Floral Wallpaper

Witherspoon took navy for another spin in this office space, which gave the light furniture and paint some grounding. Unlike her other dark blue wallpaper, though, she chose a print with metallic gold mixed in for this space, which provides a new, much-needed texture in her lineup.

Green & Coral Tree-Print Wallpaper

Yes, the Big Little Lies actor does have wallpaper that’s not blue — though it’s admittedly a rarity in her home. It’s not hard to see why she chose this whimsical tree print, however; paired with fluffy white towels and rattan furniture, it gives a cheerful and feminine effect.

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