Nicole Kidman’s Hybrid Hair Color Blends Both Of Her Signature Shades

Go for gold...and red, too.

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Nicole Kidman blonde hair updo with side bangs

Nicole Kidman is one of those people who can so effortlessly rock any hair color that she’s become synonymous with two of them: the alluring natural copper she was born with, and the icy blonde she’s had for some of her biggest-ever career moments. Lately, though, she’s been donning an even cooler shade that seemingly combines both of her most-iconic colors. Kidman’s reddish blonde hair was in especially excellent form at the Nov. 8 Country Music Awards, which she attended with her husband, Keith Urban. Long, center-parted, and straightened into glossy golden-auburn sheets, it’s stunning enough to kick-start an entirely new hair color trend.

Kidman’s been loving the particular hybrid for a while, but her look at the CMAs — created by celebrity hairstylist Carly Bethel — really gives fans a chance to appreciate it. Paired with a body-baring Coperni dress, her long, flowing hair was really able to steal the spotlight. Her color is essentially a warm golden blonde infused with red-copper tones that makes it look somewhere in the middle of both color families. And it makes a lot of sense, too — if Kidman looked that gorgeous in true red and blonde alike, combining the two to create one perfect, customized color feels like something of a no-brainer.

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To truly appreciate the look, it’s critical to look back at the original colors that likely inspired this blend. When Kidman first ascended to fame at the very tail end of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, she was known for her natural tight curl pattern — which she still loves to wear to this day — and its brilliant shade of fiery red.

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She experimented with several different shades of auburn, strawberry blonde, true gold, and copper over the years before settling on a cool-toned platinum around 2003 — it coincided with one of the biggest film runs of her career, which makes the color feel all the more personal to the star. She’d revisit the bright blonde several times over the years.

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By combining both, she arrives at a warm, skin tone-glorifying color that’s as bespoke as a couture gown. Considering her beauty icon stature, it’s more than fitting.