Nicole Kidman’s Upswept Curls Make Her Look More Like A Botticelli Painting

No words.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images
Nicole Kidman long straight blonde hair

When Nicole Kidman walks the red carpet with her natural ringlets in their full glory, it’s like a sign from the universe that everything’s going to be okay — they’re just that stunning. She’s the rare beauty star who can make all sorts of hair colors and textures look incredibly effortless, but nothing beats the bouncy, red-toned curls she was born with. They’re not too present these days, but when she does bust the look out, it becomes an instant classic. Kidman’s curly updo at a red carpet screening of her latest streaming series, Expats, is the ultimate example.

To describe her Dec. 19 hairstyle as timeless is almost a disservice — it’s trend-transcending in the most literal sense, the sort of updo you’d be just as likely to see on a Renaissance period oil painting as on one of Kidman’s fellow A-listers. Her curls are piled at the very top of her head, loosely pinned in place for a more effortless feel. The real draw, though, are the spiral-shaped tendrils that fall from her gentle side-part, spilling down like bangs on either side on her face. Paired with her luminous, champagne-colored gown with statue-like draping through the bodice, she’s ascended to full goddess status.

Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images
Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images

Kidman’s curls make public appearances more and more these days, as does her reddish-blonde hair color. It’s not quite as overtly bright or ginger-toned as the natural color she wore through the first several years of her career, but it’s a stark turn away from the pale blonde shades she keeps in the rotation, too.

It’s not immediately clear which celebrity hairstylist is behind Kidman’s elegant updo at the screening, but there’s a solid chance it’s industry legend Adir Abergel. He’s been behind most of her looks from the larger Expats promotional tour, including a cool, undone take on a classic French twist seen just a few days earlier.


If there was one consistent through-line of 20203 celebrity hairstyles, it was the premium placed on a return to natural textures and colors. Kidman’s certainly celebrating her own — but if gushing fan comments are any indication, her latest look might have just put curl-inducing perms back on everyone’s radar.