The Most Popular Houseplants Right Now, According To Celebrities

From Tracee Ellis Ross’ fave to Reese Witherspoon’s go-to.

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Tracee Ellis Ross / Instagram
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It’s not a secret that celebrities love plants just as much as the rest of us — everyone from Meghan Markle to Tracee Ellis Ross has been seen with a fiddle-leaf fig in their home, and many such as Zooey Deschanel and Bobby Berk are known for waxing poetic about the greenery they have in their homes. So while not all of them are experts on the subject, it’s clear that most of them are aware of the best, easiest, and trendiest ones to care for — which is why the most popular houseplants of celebrities should be on your radar.

And don’t worry: That list extends much further than the aforementioned fiddle-leaf fig. In fact, the stars keep a range of greenery in their homes that would probably impress plant professionals, making their Instagram accounts a great place for discovery if you’re on the hunt for a new plant baby of your own.

From the pretty orchids that Reese Witherspoon and Emma Roberts love to the Swiss cheese plant that Elsa Hosk and Eva Longoria can’t get enough of, read on for the most common plants in celebrity homes (and then shop them for yourself).

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Orchids are hands down one of the most popular houseplants in celebrity homes. Countless stars have showed their favorite varieties off on Instagram, from Reese Witherspoon to Emma Roberts. As they so often demonstrate, these flowering plants are a great way to add a pop of color and a floral touch to any space.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Orchids may be a staple in celebrity homes, but fiddle-leaf figs give the plant a run for its money. Like everyone else, the rich and famous love this option — in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a star’s home without one. Meghan Markle, Tracee Ellis Ross, Emily Ratajkowski,Molly Sims, and Elsa Hosk are just a few of the countless that grow this beloved houseplant in their living spaces.

Snake Plant

Though not quite at the level of the fiddle-leaf fig or orchid, the snake plant is still a well-loved type of houseplant of celebrities like Emma Roberts. It’s not hard to understand why: The variety is known for being easy, and doesn’t need a ton of sunlight or water to thrive.


The Monstera species’ leaf holes are a defining characteristic of its plants, giving it the nickname “Swiss cheese plant.” Its two types of houseplants — the Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii — can also be found often in the homes of A-listers, including plant queen Elsa Hosk and Eva Longoria. It’s another plant that’s relatively easy to care for, making it an unsurprising choice for the stars.

Palm Plants

Though the majesty palm is a popular type of palm plant among celebrities (Whitney Port’s office houseplant looks similar to this variety), it’s one of many in this category that are used by celebrities. In their homes, you can find ponytail palms, yucca palms, and more, meaning there’s lots to choose from if you’re interested in this particular type.


Kendall Jenner / Instagram

Though it’s not exactly grown in celebrity homes, eucalyptus is a type of greenery that makes just as frequent appearances as many of the most popular houseplants. Kendall Jenner has it on constant rotation in her shower, and Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff, and Courteney Cox have been known to keep bundles of it on their counters, desks, and more.

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