Meghan Markle & Emily Ratajkowski Are Still On Board With This Longtime Houseplant Trend

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Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski's home features a fiddle leaf fig tree
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As Steven Kurutz put it for The New York Times in 2016, "This decade belongs, undeniably, to the fiddle-leaf fig." For years, it's been *the* plant to have in your home, dominating Instagram, magazines, and design blogs more than any other piece of greenery. And while there are practically constant proclamations of other houseplants becoming the "new" fiddle-leaf fig and rumors that its heyday is finally about to end, the amount of stylish celebrities who currently have the plant in their homes says otherwise.

Especially considering that list of celebrities includes names like Meghan Markle, Tracee Ellis Ross, Emily Ratajkowski, and more. So while you may have wondered (and worried) about whether the fiddle-leaf fig's reign was soon coming to an end, you can rest assured it's going to hold onto its status as social media's favorite plant a little bit longer.

And from the way these stars style it, it's easy to see why. Granted, the sculptural specimen looks good in any space — there's a reason for its explosive popularity, after all — but thanks to the design acumen of the celebrities ahead, it still manages to look fresh despite its ubiquitousness.

So forget about the so-called "fiddle-leaf fig fatigue" — this houseplant is here to stay. Keep scrolling for tips on how to incorporate it into your home in 2021 from five celebrities who wholeheartedly agree.

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Meghan Markle's Fiddle-Leaf Fig


If the Duchess of Sussex gives the fiddle-leaf fig her stamp of approval, you know the trend isn't going away any time soon. Markle chose a sunny corner in her minimalist home to display her houseplant, potting it in a rustic-looking planter that matched the vibe of her stone fireplace and vintage print atop it.

Emily Ratajkowski's Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Ratajkowski actually got her fiddle-leaf fig just over a month ago, adding it behind her mint-green couch to give the room a somewhat monochromatic effect. The model and entrepreneur didn't hold back with the trend, either — instead of starting with a small plant, she chose a towering tree that's near to reaching her home's very high ceilings.

Tracee Ellis Ross' Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Ross chose to feature her fiddle-leaf fig in her living room, giving the moody blue space a dose of brightness. Like Ratajkowski, the actor's tree is also situated near her couch, and helps soften up the lines of the furniture and windows while adding a pop of visual interest.

Elsa Hosk's Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Hosk doesn't just love fiddle-leaf figs — she's a fan of most plants in general, as you can see from this greenery filled image. Her apartment is proof that you can essentially pair fiddles with anything — roses, monstera plants, whatever else you want — it all looks good with the trendy tree.

Whitney Port's Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Port's spindly plant serves as the perfect addition to her sleek console — it hangs overtop, creating an arch that provides a much-needed organic touch to the vignette. It also serves as a chic backdrop for Port's Christmas tree at the moment, providing a Cali-cool vibe to the wintry feel of her holiday decorations.

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